Pseudo Echo ‎– Listening (1985)

“Listening” was the debut single by Pseudo Echo, peaking at No.4 on the Australian charts in November 1983.

The history of the track subsequent to it’s Australian release was long and when a record company eventually gets round to compiling the band’s releases including all of the US versions and remixes, this may be the track which will cause the most headaches.

The first US 12″ release were the remixes by Steve Thompson with Michael Barbiero in 1984, the Extended Mix also appeared on the New York Dance Vinyl (already posted)

In 1985 this was followed up by todays post, a pair of AOR radio remixes by William Wittman. William had recently achieved success working with the Outfield, Hooters and Til Tuesday and was an excellent candidate for remixing Pseudo Echo for US radio. Although some listings state that both sides of the 12″ are identical, the mixes do differ slightly and are of different lengths. The track had also been re-recorded for this 12″ with production now by Mark S.Berry.

The final outing for the track was in 1987, in the wake of hit single “Funky Town”, “Listening” would reappear on US 12″ in the form of the “Dancing Koala Bear Mix” while the US White Label Promo 12″ added the “Dancing Berry Mix” by Mark S. Berry.

Listening (Special Mix)         3:22

Listening (Special Mix)         3:16


Listen !


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