Icehouse ‎– Cross The Border (1986)

Icehouse is an Australian rock band, formed as Flowers in 1977 in Sydney. Initially known in Australia for their pub rock style, they later achieved mainstream success playing New Wave and synthpop style music and attained Top Ten singles chart success in both Europe and the U.S. The mainstay of both Flowers and Icehouse has been Iva Davies (singer-songwriter, record producer, guitar, bass, keyboards, oboe) supplying additional musicians as required.

The band’s fourth album “Measure For Measure” was released in April 1986, it was the third album in the world to be recorded entirely digitally. The album, which peaked at #8 on the National albums charts, featured the singles “No Promises”, “Baby, You’re So Strange”, “Mr. Big”, “Cross the Border” and “Paradise”.

Both “No Promises” and “Cross the Border” were remixed and released as 12″ singles, and while a major US pop hit would elude them until the following year, “No Promises” went Top 10 on both the Billboard Rock tracks and Dance/Club charts. “Cross the Border” did not see as much club play in the US, but was a Top 20 rock hit there.

“Cross The Border” includes backing vocals by Brian Eno and drums by Steve Jansen (Japan), the single was remixed by Michael Brauer for the 12″ single release in Australia/NZ and the US.

Cross The Border (Extended Mix)                      6:37

The Flame (Live)                                              5:45

Cross The Border (Dub Mix)                              5:41


Listen !

2 comments on “Icehouse ‎– Cross The Border (1986)

    • This, among most of the other 12″ mixes, was missing from the Icehouse remasters released last year which just recycled the same bonus tracks from the previous releases. A definite missed opportunity and considering they were overseen by Iva Davies, a bit of insult to fans.

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