Diana Ross ‎– Love Hangover ’89 (1989)

“Love Hangover” was the fourth number one single for Motown singer Diana Ross. Ross recorded “Love Hangover’ in 1975. It was released in March 1976, and rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Soul Singles and Hot Dance Club Play charts simultaneously.

The song was written by Pamela Sawyer and Marilyn McLeod as a disco number. Producer Hal Davis recorded the track in 1975 thinking it ideal for Marvin Gaye or Diana Ross. They were his two favorite vocalists to work with and thought Diana would be sexier on it, so he cut it on her. The Motown staff believed that it would be perfect for Ross to record too. Ross, like her soul contemporaries Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, initially resented the new musical movement but eventually agreed to record the song.

Motown released versions of Ross’s version in 1988 (remixed by the British team PWL).

The US Promo 12” of these remixes included four mixes by Phil Harding, Ian Curnow & Tony King and the “Urban Dub” by Tony King.

Love Hangover ’89 (Urban Remix)                                   6:51

Love Hangover ’89 (Urban Dub)                                      7:17

Love Hangover ’89 (Dance Mix)                                      7:16

Love Hangover ’89 (12″ Version)                                     7:59

Love Hangover ’89 (Extended Single Version)                  3:56


Listen !


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