Dalbello ‎– Animal (1984)

Dalbello (born 1958 as Lisa Dal Bello) is a Canadian recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and voice actress. She released three albums in the pop and pop/rock genre in her late teens, from 1977 through 1981 under her full name. In 1984, she re-emerged as Dalbello, with an edgier brand of alternative rock.

In 1984, Lisa Dal Bello released the album “whomanfoursays”, which marked a change in direction in her musical career, away from the soul R&B image of her previous albums and toward a more individual and avant-garde sound. Dalbello wrote every track herself, and changed her recording name from Lisa Dal Bello to her last name only. Musician Mick Ronson, who collaborated extensively to the project, produced the album with her; all instruments were played by either or both of them.

The Jungle Mix and Dub Mix were by Kevin Markland and Lenny Derose while the Tribal Mix was by Steve Thompson.

Animal (Jungle Mix)               7:30

Animal (Tribal Mix)                5:38

Animal (Dub Mix)                  7:15


Listen !


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