Brilliant ‎– Somebody (Remix) (1986)

Brilliant first came to life in 1982, as post-punk band Killing Joke was crumbling under internal conflicts. Unsatisfied with his bandmates’ following of the occult lifestyle, Killing Joke’s bass player Youth decided to call it quits and recorded an angry slandering song against his former bandmates. The song, “That’s What Good Friends Are For…”, an obvious mock of Killing Joke’s second album What’s THIS for…?, was credited to “Brilliant”, which was a name of a Killing Joke B-side and a general 1980s buzzword.

Overall through its four years of existence the band hosted a roster of roughly 30 players until reducing to the trio of Youth, Cauty and female vocalist June Montana. The debut single with this lineup, a cover of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s World”, was critically acclaimed by the music press and became the group’s biggest hit on the UK charts, albeit only peaking at #58 in October 1985. The group released their only album Kiss the Lips of Life in 1986, and three further singles, “Love Is War” (UK #64), “Somebody” (UK #67) and a cover of “The End Of The World”. The album was produced by famed British production team Stock Aitken & Waterman (except the song “Crash The Car”), but it only peaked at #83 in the UK.

In the US, the 12″ single received remixes by Freddy Bastone which were unique to this territory.

Somebody (Vocal – New Extended Mix)           6:37

Somebody (New Dub Mix)                               5:30

The Red Red Groovy (Instrumental)                  5:00


Listen !


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