Mica Paris ‎– Breathe Life Into Me (1989)

Mica Paris (born Michelle Wallen, 27 April 1969, South London)  is an English soul singer, presenter on radio and television and occasional actress.

Paris’ roots are in soul and gospel music. She grew up singing in her grandparents’ church and by her mid teens was making regular appearances with ‘The Spirit of Watts’ gospel choir (with whom she featured on the 1985 EP Gospel Joy).She abbreviated her forename to Micha, before adopting a “phonetic version”. At the age of seventeen, she got her first break as a backing vocalist with the UK band Hollywood Beyond. Paris appeared on their album, If (1985).

In 1988, she released her debut, platinum-selling album So Good with 4th & Broadway when she was 19 years old.My One Temptation” was the lead single. This led to a collaboration with American soul singer Will Downing on a cover version of a classic “Where Is the Love”, made famous by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack in the early 1970s.

“Breathe Life into Me” was released as the third single and became her third, consecutive top-thirty hit in the UK and in the US the 12″ single featured remixes by David Morales and Frankie Knuckles.

Breathe Life Into Me (Breathless Club Mix)            8:19

Breathe Life Into Me (Breathless Dub)                   6:08

Breathe Life Into Me (Breathless Edit)                   4:03

Breathe Life Into Me (Breathless Bonus Mix)         6:16


Listen !

22 comments on “Mica Paris ‎– Breathe Life Into Me (1989)

  1. Mica has a great voice, and frustratingly, she also has many remixes only on vinyl (like the Reproduction Club Mix and Bruce Forest Club Mix for My One Temptation).
    This is another prime example. So much thanks for them, EV!

  2. Cheers for posting this, great song and these remixes are hard to find. Do you have the Bruce Forest mixes of My One Temptaion as they were not included on the 2 Disc remaster of ‘So Good’.

  3. Thanks for the post, but I gotta say, this remix ain’t very good. The UK/European 12″ version, although a lot shorter, is much better…


      • Ah well, I tried! The UK single also has a version of Like Dreamers Do without Courtney Pine tootling on it, which I don’t believe is on that 2 disc special…

  4. Sounds good. I have both UK ones, but they’re both on the new version of the album mentioned above a few times. Must buy that one day!

    • These are the Bruce Forrest and Frank Heller mixes that were unfortunately not included on the deluxe 2CD. Although it sounds like there was a lot missed on the Cherry Red release, it still contains 13 bonus tracks and is definitely worth picking up EV

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