The Revellettes – The Only 1 (1988)

The Revelletes were a female Dutch group consisting of Manuela Kemp, Anouk Broersma and Claudia Lynsvelt. The trio released three singles over 1987-1988.

The second single to be released by the act was “The Only 1″, written and produced by Bernard Oattes and Rob Van Schaik (The Limit).

The 12″ featured an extended 12″ mix by Ben Liebrand and the Action Packed Dance Track by Mark Hemmes.

The Only 1 (Extended 12” Remix)                           6:51

The Only 1 (Action Packed Dance Track)                6:59


Listen !

One comment on “The Revellettes – The Only 1 (1988)

  1. I actually have no clue who this is or how it sounds like. But the mere mention of The Limit and Ben Liebrand is enough to get my curiosity going! Say Yeah!!!
    Thanks EV!

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