Wally Badarou ‎– Novela Das Nove (Spider Woman) (1985)

Wally Badarou (born Waliou Jacques Daniel Isheola Badarou, 22 March 1955, Paris, France) is a musician from Benin.

A synthesizer specialist, Badarou was the longtime associate of the British band Level 42, known for its blend of funk, pop, soul and rock. He has co-written, performed on and (later) co-produced a number of the band’s tracks since its debut album in 1981.

All the while close to Island Records’s founder Chris Blackwell, he was one of the Compass Point All Stars (with Sly and Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Mikey Chung and Uziah “Sticky” Thompson), the in-house recording team of Compass Point Studios responsible for a long series of albums of the 1980s recorded by Grace Jones, Joe Cocker, Mick Jagger, Black Uhuru, Gwen Guthrie, Jimmy Cliff and Gregory Isaacs.

His solo instrumental work includes two albums: Echoes (1983) and Words Of A Mountain (1988). The former included “Chief Inspector”, “Mambo” (sampled for Massive Attack’s “Daydreaming” (Blue Lines album)), and “Hi-Life”. “Chief Inspector” peaked at #46 in the UK Singles Chart in October 1985.

In 1985, Badarou also recorded the soundtrack for the fim “Kiss Of The Spider Woman” which spawned the single “Novela Das Nove (Spider Woman)” which was backed with a remix of “Chief Inspector”, both mixes by Paul “Groucho” Smykle.

Novela Das Nove (Spider Woman)            5:06

Chief Inspector (Precinct 13)                   6:27


Listen !


5 comments on “Wally Badarou ‎– Novela Das Nove (Spider Woman) (1985)

  1. Hi EV

    You are really spoiling us with this and other recent posts.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the quirky work of Wally Badarou and these 2 tracks fit the Balearic vibe perfectly. All we need now is a bit of sunshine (in England at least!).

    Thanks again

    • The Groucho mix is the greatest, just got his remix of Bowie’s Day-In-Day-Out last night, refuse to buy it on iTunes, rather give my cash to a second hand record dealer on the other side of the world EV

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