Tirez Tirez ‎– Set The Timer / Uptight (1986)

Tirez Tirez was an American rock band led by composer/performer Mikel Rouse, the band’s only constant member. The group was active from 1978 through 1988, and had a new wave/art rock sensibility that was strongly influenced by minimalism.

Tirez Tirez was founded by Missouri native Mikel Rouse, and gave its first performance as the opening act for the rock band Talking Heads at a 1978 concert in Kansas City, Missouri. The band’s initial line-up was Rouse (vocals/guitar), Rob Shepperson (drums) and Jeff Burk (bass).

Bassist Burk left Tirez Tirez in 1982, and was replaced by James Bergman. Philip Johnston (keyboards/woodwinds) was also added to the group at about the same time. This line-up (Rouse/Shepperson/Bergman/Johnston) recorded 1983’s Story Of The Year, which was released only in Europe via Belgian label Les Disques Du Crépuscule.

In 1986, Tirez Tirez (now officially a duo of Rouse and Bergman) issued the non-LP 12″ “Set The Timer” / “Uptight” on Sire Records. This was their first US release in five years, and their first release to receive major label distribution.

Set The Timer (Guitar Mix)                   4:25

Set The Timer                                     4:25

Uptight                                               5:30


Listen !


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