Cheap Trick ‎– Saturday At Midnight (1982)

“Saturday at Midnight” is a single from American rock band Cheap Trick which appeared on the album One on One. It was written by lead guitarist Rick Nielsen and vocalist Robin Zander. The single was released in 1982 as the fourth and final single from the “One on One” album.

The single was released on 12″ vinyl only and was remixed purposely for the single. Aiming at the dance market, the a-side was titled “Saturday at Midnight (Super New Dance Re-Mix)” whilst the b-side was titled “Saturday at Midnight (Super Dub Mix)”, with both tracks lasting over six minutes each.  The original track lasted exactly three minutes in duration.

Both tracks were produced by Roy Thomas Baker who had also produced the entire “One on One” album.The remixer on both tracks was John Luongo.

A mimed performance of the song was performed on the show Laugh Trax in 1982, along with the 1982 minor hit song “She’s Tight”.

The single peaked at #45 on the American Billboard Dance Music/Club Play Singles Chart, the band’s only appearance on this chart.

Saturday At Midnight (Super New Dance Re-Mix)         6:20

Saturday At Midnight (Super Dub Mix)                         7:40


Listen !

3 comments on “Cheap Trick ‎– Saturday At Midnight (1982)

  1. Thank you EV good remixes
    request do you have
    Jane Child Don’t Wanna Fall In Love pettibone promo mixes
    and Belouis Some Animal Magic( Australia release mixes)

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