J.M. Silk ‎– I Can’t Turn Around (1986)

Steve “Silk” Hurley (born Steven Hurley on November 9, 1962, Chicago, Illinois, USA) is an American club DJ, pioneering house-music producer, songwriter, and four time Grammy Award-nominee. Two times as Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical (in 1999 and 2000),respectively twice for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (in 2002 and 2003).

Hurley gained worldwide fame as a DJ on the Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Dance Party on WBMX in Chicago in the mid 1980s. Hurley’s mixing style is different than the usual radio–nightclub DJ who plays house music (such as Tony Humphries on WRKS in the early 1990s), since his style of club mixing incorporates advanced DJ tricks only done by hip hop DJs or turntablists such as scratching, cutting, drop outs, back spins, and beat juggling. He released songs under the stage name of Steve “Silk” Hurley and, with vocalist Keith Nunnally, had many hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart as J.M. Silk, including “I Can’t Turn Around,” which reached number one on the Billboard magazine Hot Dance Club Play chart.

The song’s origin was “I Can’t Turn Around”, the lead single from Isaac Hayes’ 1975 album Chocolate Chip. This album was notable for being the first on which Hayes moved on from funk to embrace the then fashionable disco sound. Hayes’ original version remained a club favourite for many years and was often played at The Warehouse, the influential Chicago nightclub which was the focus of the house music scene in the mid-1980s.

I Can’t Turn Around (House Mix)                          7:35

I Can’t Turn Around (Radio Mix)                           3:23

I Can’t Turn Around (House Of Trix Mix)               8:59

I Can’t Turn Around (Insane Mix)                         4:08


Listen !


3 comments on “J.M. Silk ‎– I Can’t Turn Around (1986)

  1. Great stuff, thanks! I wouldn’t mind more 80s house…

    Btw, do you add bass to your rips? I’ve come across especially this 12″ of yours where the bass is a bit distorted/clipped: Herb Alpert ‎– Making Love In The Rain. If you find the time, a new rip of that one would be great.

    • Thanks for the comment, I’ll take a listen to the Herb Alpert one in the weekend, could be recording volume was a little high on that one, let me experiment a little bit and see if I can improve on that one EV

  2. I remember there being a clubland squabble between Farley Jackmaster Funk and JM Silk for this track and Love Can’t Turn Around, each accusing the other of stealing the song. LOL!
    Thanks for this JM Silk one, EV!

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