Will Powers ‎– Smile (1983)

Will Powers was the stage name used by celebrity photographer, Lynn Goldsmith, when she created a self-help comedy music album. The 1983 album, entitled Dancing for Mental Health, used affirmations set to music to poke fun at the self-help entrepreneurs who “build the listener’s inner self and encourage personal growth through the thought that anything is possible”. Will Powers is portrayed by Goldsmith during the spoken word sections as well as in the sung sections; her voice processed through a vocoder. Key musical collaborators were Jacob Brackman and Steve Winwood. Additional contributors to the recording included Sting, Nile Rodgers, Todd Rundgren, Carly Simon and Tom Bailey. The album Dancing For Mental Health produced two hit singles, “Kissing With Confidence” and “Smile”.

Smile                                              6:31

Smile (Part I)                                   3:54

Smile (Dub)                                     6:47


Listen !


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