English Evenings ‎– I Will Return (1985)

English Evenings were a short-lived British New Wave duo. They released one album in 1985 entitled After Dark.

Before English Evenings, Lee Walsh was a member of the band Sly Fox, whose name later changed to One Adult. After the band broke up and with its members going their separate ways, Walsh believed he could further his musical career elsewhere, and to his credit he did, obtaining a record deal under the name of English Evenings, together with bandmate Graham Lee. They released only one album in 1985, on the UK independent label Safari Records. Although their producer was the famous audio engineer and producer Phil Harding, they didn’t go on to achieve a large amount of success.

After disbanding, Graham Lee and Lee Walsh went on to later produce a football song for Leeds United in 1990, entitled “We Are Leeds”.

I Will Return (Midnight Manoeuvres Mix)         6:07

White Mask                                                 3:23


Listen !


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