Pleasure And The Beast ‎– Gods Empty Chair (1984)

Pleasure and the Beast was the band formed by Robert Pereno and L.A. (Lowri-Ann) Richards after the breakup of Shock.  Shock is best known for their pulsating electro cover of the Glitter Band’s “Angel Face” (which appeared on the popular Blitz new-wave compilation on RCA) and for two members, Tik and Tok splitting off to form their own robotic/unique performance art duo.

Pleasure and the Beast recorded only two singles during their short career. The first, “Dr Sex”, was released in 1983 and was produced by Jimme O’Neill of Fingerprintz (and later Silencers) fame.

For their second release, 1984’s “Gods Empty Chair”, Pleasure and the Beast expanded to a real band: in addition to singers Pereno and Richards, they added Marty Williamson (guitars), Cheyne (bass), Simon Ellis (keyboards), and Martin Hanlin (drums).

“Gods Empty Chair” was produced by Rusty Egan (Visage).

Gods Empty Chair (Dance Mix)            6:00

Sometimes                                        4:45


Listen !

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