The The ‎– Perfect (1983)

Matt Johnson (born 15 August 1961) is a singer/songwriter best known as the vocalist and only constant member of his band The The.

The single “Perfect” was recorded in 1982 in New York with Mike Thorne producing, after The The had been signed by Epic Records in the USA. However, the relationship between Johnson and Thorne quickly deteriorated as a result of Johnson’s heavy drinking and drug use, and disagreements between the pair over the songs’ production. The sessions were eventually abandoned and Johnson returned to London and began recording with Thorne’s former engineer Paul Hardiman, reworking the single.

“Perfect” features harmonica playing by New York Dolls singer David Johansen, a friend of Thorne’s. The song was remixed by Johnson and Hardiman, only keeping Johansen’s contribution from the original single. The new version was added on to the end of the US version of Soul Mining, and later to the CD versions, a fact which irritated Johnson who felt it was an unnecessary addition to the album.

“Perfect” made no. 79 on the UK charts in February 1983

Perfect                                                   8:49

The Nature Of Virtue (Version II)               5:53


Listen !

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5 comments on “The The ‎– Perfect (1983)

  1. Thanks for posting this 12’er! I had this lined up to record for my blog. I’m going to do photo work for the 12 inch too. Keep up the excellent work. I visit daily!

    • Had to go back and check my own copy of 45RPM, I think it is the same mix but I’m going to leave this one up as it was only available on the limited 2CD edition of 45 RPM and the B side remains unavailable on CD.

      To make it up, today I have posted a promo 12″ from The The with two mixes definitely never available on CD.

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