The The ‎– Soul Mining (1986)

Soul Mining is the debut album by British post-punk/synthpop band The The. The 1981 album Burning Blue Soul was originally credited to the band’s frontman Matt Johnson as a solo album, but later reissues now credit it to The The.

Soul Mining was released in October 1983 and included versions of the UK singles “Uncertain Smile” which reached no. 68 in December 1982, “Perfect” which made no. 79 in February 1983, and “This Is the Day” which reached no. 71 in September 1983. The album peaked at number 27 in the UK album chart.It has appeared on several lists as one of the best albums of the 1980s.

The title track of the album was released as a UK Promo 12″ in 1986 with a 12″ remix of “Soul Mining” and the original recording of  “The Sinking Feeling”, also from the Soul Mining album.

Soul Mining (12″ Remix)                                      6:26

The Sinking Feeling (The Original Version)            4:07


Listen !

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