Oliver Cheatham ‎– S.O.S. (1986)

Oliver Cheatham (born 1948, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.is an American singer. He now resides in Surrey in England.

Oliver worked with fellow Detroiters Al Hudson and One Way and had a Top 40 R&B hit with the dance classic “Get Down Saturday Night” on MCA Records. Written by Cheatham and One Way multi-instrumentalist Kevin McCord, the jubilant “Get Down Saturday Night” made it to number 37 on the R&B chart in spring 1983.

After a four year gap, Oliver Cheatham released the album “Go For It” on the Champion label which was mixed by Peter Waterman and Mixmaster Phil Harding

The album spawned four singles (Celebrate, S.O.S., Wish On A Star, Go For It) with the most successful being  “S.O.S.” which was a Top 40 US R&B Hit and went to #79 in the UK charts.

“S.O.S.” was mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai for both the album and 12″ single release.

S.O.S.                                                    6:21

S.O.S. (Dub Mix)                                     6:14

Oliver Cheatham

Listen !

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