Pseudo Echo ‎– Listening (Dancing Koala Bear Mix) (1987)

Pseudo Echo formed in Melbourne in 1982 by school friends Brian Canham on vocals, guitars, and keyboards and Pierre Gigliotti (as Pierre Pierre) on bass on keyboards, they were joined by Tony Lugton (ex-James Freud & the Radio Stars) on guitars and keyboards.The group were named for a sound effect available on their keyboards and were influenced by New Romantics bands, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Ultravox.  Molly Meldrum, television presenter for pop music series Countdown, saw the group at a gig and aired them on the show with a demo version of “Listening” in June 1983.The band initially used a drum machine until replaced by Brad Gormley (drums) in July.They were signed to EMI Records and “Listening” – produced by Peter Dawkins – was issued in November as their debut single, which peaked at No. 4 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart.

In 1987, the band re-released “Listening” for the movie North Shore starring Nia Peeples. The track was re-recorded with Mark Berry and Brian Canham producing. The US Promo 12″ featured new mixes by Mark Berry and the 7″ Edit and Instrumental remixed by William Wittman.

Listening (Dancing Koala Bear Mix)             4:20

Listening (7″ Edit)                                      3:12

Listening (Dancing Berry Mix)                     5:11

Listening (Instrumental)                             3:06


Listen !


3 comments on “Pseudo Echo ‎– Listening (Dancing Koala Bear Mix) (1987)

  1. Thanks for posting this one! I have the same 12″, but my copy is worn out and tarded. It’s only good for taking photo art from at this point.

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