Caprice ‎– 100% (1985)

Caprice were a US electro/disco group who released two singles on NIA Records in 1985-1986. The group comprised Jackie Bradley (guitar/vocals), Yvette Davis (lead vocals/keyboards), Glenn Norman ( background vocals/keyboards), Mattin Tuzo (bass) and Brian Tuzo (bass and drums).

In late 1983, Jackie Bradley approached Sonny Davenport and Leroy Burgess (Aleem) to compose and produce a song for a new group he was founding called Caprice.  Jackie and Leroy Burgess had been in the group Black Ivory in 1970 and remained friends after Leroy’s depature from the group.

The resulting single was “100%” and became the debut single by Caprice. Leroy Burgess has named the track as one his favourite compositions.

100% (Vocal)                              5:36

100% (Instrumental)                    4:07


Listen !

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