Evelyn “Champagne” King ‎– Flirt (1988)

“Flirt” was the lead single off Evelyn “Champagne” King’s album of the same name, the LP was the ninth in her career and the first released by EMI-Manhattan after a long period with RCA Records.

“Flirt” was written by Leon Sylvers III (The Sylvers) who had been very successful writing and producing for acts on the SOLAR label in the early 80’s.

The single “Flirt” went to #3 on the US R&B charts.  Dave Ervin and Erik Zobler provided three mixes for the 12″ while Herbie “Pump” Powers contributed the “Body Groove” mix.

Flirt (Pump It Up Mix)                      7:30

Flirt (Flirt To Flirt Dub)                     5:30

Flirt (Body Groove)                          7:13

Flirt (7″ Tip)                                    3:45


Listen !

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