T.C. Curtis ‎– You Should Have Known Better (1985)

William Alexander Smith, a UK Funk/Soul artist, released a number of singles throughout the 80’s under the moniker T.C.Curtis, most on his own label Hot Melt.

Hot Melt also released singles by Dotty Green and Mai Tai, Smith would have ties to both acts, writing for Dotty Green (I Caught You Out) and providing remixes for Mai Tai (Body & Soul).

In 1985, Smith released “You Should Have Known Better”, a single he both wrote and produced, initially released on Hot Melt in the UK and subsequently released through Sire Records in the US.

Backing vocals courtesy of Galaxy (Phil Fearon) and mixed by regular Phil Fearon contributor, Laurie Jago.

You Should Have Known Better                                          7:01

You Should Have Known Better (Dub)                                 7:34


Listen !


7 comments on “T.C. Curtis ‎– You Should Have Known Better (1985)

  1. Did this one myself the other day, funnily enough. I have a remix 12″, too that I’ve not done yet. Anyone want a rip of it?

  2. It is. It’s not as good as this version, if my memory serves me right, but OK. I have a couple of other TCC 12″ers, too…

    I’ll nip upstairs and get recording!

  3. Been doing a few from this sort of era and some still sound great today. Current faves are Bas Noir ‘My Love Is Magic’ and Steven Dante ‘Imagination’. Been ripping some Adeva 12s, too. My username on discogs is simonali if anyone wants to look at what I have, but my collection list is far from complete…

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