Machinations ‎– No Say In It (1984)

Machinations was a popular Sydney-based outfit working the mid-1980s independent Australian music scene. Notable national hits included “Pressure Sway”, “My Heart’s On Fire” and “No Say In It”. They also achieved indie prominence with the two versions of their first single, “Average Inadequacy”. Machinations failed to achieve as much commercial success, either at home or abroad, as many of their peers. Nevertheless, the band had a cult following in dance clubs, by far their strongest supporters.

Following the album’s release, and an Australian tour support slot with Joe Jackson, Machinations added Warren McLean on drums;prior to that the band used a drum machine (a Roland CR-78). The band entered Rhinoceros Studios with English producer Julian Mendelsohn, emerging with the smoothest and most fully realised album of its career, Big Music, in July 1985.

The album produced four hit singles. The first of these, “No Say in It”/”Man Overboard” pre-empted the album by nine months (it was released in September 1984) and ended up being the band’s highest charting single, peaking at #14 in October 1984.  Naomi Star sang backing vocals on most of the album, although Inez Lawson was featured on “No Say in It”.

The album peaked at #20 on the national album charts, spending several weeks at that position. It was also released in the United States on the A&M label.

No Say In It (Machinations Cut Mix)                  8:26

No Say In It (Mendelsohn’s Played Mix)            7:11


Listen !

4 comments on “Machinations ‎– No Say In It (1984)

    • I do have Cars And Planes but the last time I had a go at it, the 12″ seemed to skip quite a bit. Will have another attempt soon. Pressure Sway US 12″ has just arrived and that should appear in the next month. EV

  1. Fantastic! Thank you. I have a huge soft spot for Machinations. That track, as you would know, has those samples all over it. It’s a weird remix, but a great one too. Thanks EV.

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