Curtis Hairston ‎– I Want You (All Tonight) (1983)

Curtis Hairston (10 October 1961 – 18 January 1996) was an American soul/funk vocalist, who had a number of Top 75 hit singles in the UK and US, both as a solo artist and as a featured artist in the B. B. & Q. Band.

Born Curtis Kinnard Hairston, in 1985, he reached #13 in the UK Singles Chart with “I Want Your Lovin’ (Just a Little Bit)”. In 1986, he was the member of and vocalist for the B. B. & Q. Band’s hit, “Dreamer”, which reached #1 in the UK Dance Chart and the US Dance Chart.

During the 1980s, Hairston, a native of Winston-Salem, moved to New York City where he released a number of acclaimed recordings for Atlantic Records and Pretty Pearl Productions, a record company run by basketball great Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. Monroe was interested in getting involved in the music business, so he founded Pretty Pearl Productions as a means of promoting Hairston.

Hairston’s first release for Pretty Pearl, “I Want You (All Tonight)” became a dance-club hit in New York. The success of the song led to Hairston signing with Atlantic Records in 1986.

Throughout his career, Curtis was plagued with diabetes, relocating from his base in New York back to Winston-Salem as his health weakened. There he received treatment for his illness, however, diabetes got the better of the singer.He died of kidney failure in his birthplace of Winston-Salem, North Carolina in January 1996, at the age of 34.

I Want You (All Tonight) (Vocal)                                             6:02

I Want You (All Tonight) (Dub)                                               5:23

I Want You (All Tonight) (Short Version)                                 3:43


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