Chaka Khan ‎– It’s My Party (1988)

Womack & Womack’s Latino-flavoured “It’s My Party” was the first single to be released from Chaka Khan’s seventh studio album, CK.

The single reached #5 on Billboard’s R&B Singles chart and the CK album itself also charted higher than the preceding Destiny, reaching #17 on the R&B Albums chart.

“It’s My Party” was remixed by Keith Cohen & Steve Beltran and featured Jeff Lorber on keyboards.

It’s My Party (New Party Mix)                            8:40

It’s My Party (Club Instrumental)                        5:05

It’s My Party (LP Version)                                 5:10

It’s My Party (Club Edit)                                    5:10

It’s My Party (Dance Dub)                                 5:18

Where Are You Tonite (LP Version)                    4:58


Listen !

4 comments on “Chaka Khan ‎– It’s My Party (1988)

  1. Extra extra thank yous for this one! This album usually does overlooked, so more thank yous for posting all 3 of its singles!

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