Spelt Like This ‎– Stop This Rumour (1985)

Spelt Like This was an obscure electronica/synthpop trio from the U.K. that was part of the famous Stock-Aitken-Waterman family of artists. In 1985, the group released two singles: “Contract Of The Heart” and “Stop This Rumour”.

“Stop This Rumour” was written by the band and produced by Stock-Aitken-Waterman and is a fairly unremarkable piece of pop music although the shirts the boys sport on the 12″ sleeve are outstanding !

Recommended though is the flipside “The Alphabet” which showed the band may have had more promise than expected.

As always, anything associated with SAW does tend to get removed quite quickly and as it is their right to not have these tracks posted, I do not re-post once removed, move quickly if you want this one !

Stop This Rumour (The Lust Mix)         6:28

The Alphabet                                      7:11


Listen !


5 comments on “Spelt Like This ‎– Stop This Rumour (1985)

  1. Thanks for this, never heard of it. The PWL thang intrigued me. I had a mullet like the one in the middle but never owned a shirt like that, I’m pretty sure Dame Edna made them into a pinafore.

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