Wally Badarou ‎– Hi-Life (1986)

After three Wally Badarour posts, I’m running out biography information, so this time I’ll leave it up to Scott Bultman of AllMusic –

“Wally Badarou was born in Paris, where his physician parents were educated and his father later served as ambassador from their West African homeland of Cotonon Benin (formerly Dahomey).  Although he planned a career as a pilot, he was seduced by synthesizers and rock & roll, eventually becoming a well-known session keyboardist in England and his own Nassau, Bahamas, studio. Badarou’s early career included work with M (on the hit “Pop Music”), Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock, and Island Records artists like Grace Jones, Black Uhuru, and the British funk band Level 42. In addition to his production and keyboard work for Level 42, he has done several film scores, most notably Kiss of the Spider Woman. You can hear both the rhythmic sensitivity of his African heritage and the harmonic sensibility of his classical training in his music. His expressive and sophisticated synthesizer textures are full of life, especially on his more dance-oriented Echoes album.”

For his review of the Echoes album, Scott added “You can actually feel Caribbean sunshine with this music. Badarou breathes real life into his synthesizers on this album of happy, upbeat, and danceable instrumentals.”

This US 12″ features a remix of the first single from “Echoes”, titled Hi-Life, remix duties handled by Julian Mendelsohn and Wally Badarou.

Hi-Life (Instrumental Remix)                                         5:17

Keys (The Chemist’s Theme) Instrumental                    2:20

Chief Inspector (Hill Street Mix) Instrumental                 5:49


Listen !


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