Carol Jiani ‎– Touch And Go Lover (1984)

Carol Jiani (born Uchenna Ikejiani is a Nigerian singer based in England, best known for her early 1980s hit “Hit N Run Lover”.

Uchenna Ikejiani was born in Nigeria to an Igbo family. Jiani moved from Nigeria to Montreal, Canada in the mid-1970s to study at Concordia University. In autumn 1977, she auditioned to appear on Joe La Greca’s album Montreal. In early 1978, Jiani recorded two tracks for the project, “If You Believe in Me” and “Higher and Higher”. These were released on an EP, with her credited under her birth name. Glenn LaRusso of Salsoul Records convinced her to shorten her name from Uchenna Ikejiani to Carol Jiani to make it easier for North Americans to pronounce.

In 1980, Jiani recorded two Sandy Wilbur-written pieces with La Greca, “Hit N Run Lover” and “All The People Of The World”. “Hit N Run Lover” was remixed by San Francisco-based Moby Dick Records for their Gold Standard imprint and would become Jiani’s signature song, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard Club Play Singles chart in 1981.

Touch And Go Lover (Extended Version)                  6:32

Touch And Go Lover (Edited Version)                       4:12

Touch And Go Lover (Dub Version)                          4:58


Listen !


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