Loose Ends ‎– Nights Of Pleasure (1986)

Loose Ends was a successful British R&B band that had several urban contemporary hits. The trio was formed in London in 1980, initially comprising vocalist and guitarist Carl McIntosh, vocalist Jane Eugene, and keyboard player, writer and founder Steve Nichol. The latter two left the group in 1989, bringing an end to the band’s most successful phase.

They achieved their first success with “Hangin’ on a String (Contemplating)” in 1985, which reached #13 in the UK chart. “Hangin’ on a String” also reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart, making Loose Ends the first British band ever to top that chart. They reached #16 with the single “Magic Touch” in the same year.

Loose Ends ninth single was “Nights Of Pleasure” from the Zagora album, the track reached #42 on the UK singles chart and #58 on the US Billboard Hot Black Singles.

The UK double 12″ added remixes by Dancin’ Danny D to the original remix by Nick Martinelli.

Nights Of Pleasure (Nick Martinelli Mix)                              5:33

Let’s Rock (Steve Nichol / ‘Macca’ Mix)                              6:11

Nights Of Pleasure (Dancing Danny Dee Remix)                 6:00

Nights Of Pleasure (Dancing Danny Dee Dub)                     4:50


Listen !


5 comments on “Loose Ends ‎– Nights Of Pleasure (1986)

  1. Great band that went into decline a little when it was just Carl. I have a few of the 12s from this album and they’re all pretty good!

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