David Grant ‎– Before Too Long (1987)

David Grant (born 8 August 1956, Hackney, London) is an English pop singer, celebrity and vocal coach.

Grant became famous in the early 1980s as a member of UK soul/funk duo, Linx, whose biggest hit was Intuition in 1981. He began a solo career in 1983 with the Top 40 hit “Stop and Go”. Further hits included “Watching You Watching Me” and two duets with Jaki Graham, “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love” which reached number five in 1985 and the Todd Rundgren-penned “‘Mated” which made number 20 later that year. He has also worked as a session singer for artists including Diana Ross, Rick Astley and the Lighthouse Family.

“Before Too Long” was released as a single from David Grant’s third album “Change”, the track was mixed by Julian Mendelsohn and remixed by Dancin’ Danny D for the UK 12″ release.

Before Too Long (Sooncome Mix)                         7:15

Before Too Long                                                  3:45

Tonight                                                               4:53


Listen !

One comment on “David Grant ‎– Before Too Long (1987)

  1. Excellent. Thanks for posting. I have a few CD singles of his but I missing a few 12” mixes from the 12” Singles. Where Our Love Begins (Extended Version), Loving You (Extended Version), Close To You (Extended Version), Change (Alternate Mix), Change (Dub Version). Any help with these would be much appreciated.

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