The Belle Stars ‎– World Domination (1986)

The Belle Stars were an all female British pop/rock band, founded in London in 1980 by former members of the 2 Tone ska revival band, The Bodysnatchers.

After The Bodysnatchers broke up, guitarists Stella Barker and Sarah-Jane Owen, saxophonist Miranda Joyce, keyboardist Penny Leyton, and drummer Judy Parsons decided to form a new band, recruiting bass player Lesley Shone and lead vocalist Jennie Matthias (also known as Jenny McKeown and Jenny Bellestar). Their first performance was on Christmas Day, 1980, before they had chosen a name.

Within a short time, the group became well known around London, notably appearing on the front cover of Sounds magazine early in 1981. Shortly thereafter, they were signed by Stiff Records, then highly successful due to its star act, Madness.

By 1984, Stiff Records was ailing, and it merged with Island Records; in July 1985 it was liquidated and bought by ZTT, the label owned by the husband and wife team of producer Trevor Horn and Jill Sinclair. Under Horn’s supervision, the three remaining members recorded a new Belle Stars album with the 4th & Broadway production team in New York City. However, the only tracks to be released were those on the single “World Domination”, which flopped in Britain but peaked at number two for two weeks on the Billboard Dancefloor charts in the U.S. Following this release the band broke up.

“World Domination’ had two different remixes, the US received the Shep Pettibone Remix (posted previously) while the UK remix was by Paul Hardcastle, the UK 12” also added two additional tracks which did not make the US release.

World Domination (Extended Version)                            7:17

Just A Minute                                                               3:43

Rock Me To The Top                                                     3:28


Listen !

4 comments on “The Belle Stars ‎– World Domination (1986)

  1. I was looking for this remix for ages, but unfortunately rapidshare sucks major d*** and give me a ‘server under repair’ error for almost two days now, it is impossible to d/l it. Can you help me EV or anybody else?

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