Cock Robin – The Promise You Made (1986)

Cock Robin is an American pop rock band, mostly popular in the 1980s, particularly in continental Europe where they became famous. The band was founded by singer-songwriter Peter Kingsbery in 1982, disbanded in 1990, and reformed in 2006.

Named after a 17th-century story titled “The Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren”, the band formed in San Francisco, California and was signed to CBS Records. Cock Robin’s eponymous debut album was produced by Steve Hillage. It was largely ignored in their native country, as with the majority of their output, but it was an overnight success in Europe, especially in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, where the singles “When Your Heart Is Weak”, “The Promise You Made” and “Thought You Were On My Side” became big hits (with for example the latter two singles peaking at number 1 and number 4 respectively in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, and the album itself a chart-topper. “When Your Heart Is Weak” was the band’s only chart single in the U.S., where it reached No. 35 in the late summer of 1985. It also became a radio favorite in South Africa in early 1986.

Although the remix was uncredited on this European 12″, the US and UK 12″ names John “Tokes” Potoker as being the man responsible.

The Promise You Made (Extended Version)                         6:36

The Promise You Made                                                      3:56

Have You Any Sympathy?                                                  4:10


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Natalie Cole – Jump Start (1987)

Natalie Maria Cole (born February 6, 1950) is an American singer, songwriter and performer. The daughter of Nat King Cole, Cole rose to musical success in the mid-1970s as a R&B artist with the hits “This Will Be”, “Inseparable” and “Our Love”. After a period of failing sales and performances due to a heavy drug addiction, Cole reemerged as a pop artist with the 1987 album, Everlasting, and her cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Pink Cadillac”.

“Jump Start”, written by Reggie and Vincent Calloway, was the first single to be released from the Everlasting album and in the wake of the success of “Pink Cadillac”, the single was re-released in the UK in 1988. “Jump Start” was produced by Reggie Calloway and would perform best in the US, going to #2 on the R&B charts #13 on the Pop charts.

Jump Start (Deluxe Dub Mix)                                   7:42

Jump Start (Extended Vocal Version)                       6:27

Jump Start (Car Mix)                                              5:37


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Commodores ‎– Goin’ To The Bank (1986)

After over a decade at Motown, the Commodores moved to Mercury/PolyGram with 1986’s United. By that time, the group’s lineup consisted of British singer J.D. Nicholas (a Heatwave graduate who came on board in 1984) and original members Walter Orange (lead vocals, drums), William King (percussion, trumpet, synthesizers), and Milan Williams (keyboards). Lionel Richie (who was selling millions of records as a solo artist), Thomas McClary, and Ronald LaPread were all gone.

United was the twelfth studio album by the Commodores, released as the follow-up to their extremely successful album Nightshift from the previous year. This album included one of The Commodores’ last significant hits in “Goin’ to the Bank”, and it has been the group’s last major charting album to date, even though they went on to release several albums since. “Goin’ to the Bank” climbed to number two on Billboard’s R&B singles chart.

Goin’ To The Bank (12″ Version)                              7:17

Goin’ To The Bank (7″ Version)                                4:19

Serious Love                                                         4:02


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Howard Jones – You Know I Love You… Don’t You? (1986)

Howard Jones (born 23 February 1955) is an English musician, singer and songwriter. He appeared at Live Aid in 1985.

“You Know I Love You… Don’t You?” was a single from Howard Jones’s third studio album One to One. It was his first single not to enter the UK Top 40, peaking at #43, faring much better in the US reaching #17 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The US 12″ remixes were by John “Tokes” Potoker.

You Know I Love You… Don’t You? (Dance In The Field Mix)             7:19

You Know I Love You… Don’t You? (Instrumental)                             5:58

You Know I Love You… Don’t You? (Edited Version)                          3:45

Roll Right Up                                                                                 4:45


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Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse (1982)

Gregory Anthony Isaacs (15 July 1951 – 25 October 2010) was a Jamaican reggae musician. Milo Miles, writing in The New York Times, described Isaacs as “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae”. His nickname was the Cool Ruler.

In 1982 Greogory Isaccs signed to Island Records and released the record that finally saw him break through to a wider audience, “Night Nurse”, the title track from his first album for the label (Night Nurse (1982).

Although “Night Nurse” was not a chart hit in either the UK or US, it was hugely popular in clubs and received heavy radio play, and the album reached #32 in the UK. This success for Isaacs coincided with drug problems with cocaine which saw him serve a six-month prison sentence in Kingston in 1982 for possession of unlicensed firearms. Isaacs claimed that he had the weapons only for protection, but it emerged that this was his 27th arrest and that Isaacs had become involved in drug dealing and had become addicted to crack cocaine.

Wally Badarou played Prophet synthesizer on the “Night Nurse” album and the single was remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle for this UK 10″ single. The single also included a remixed version of album track “Material Man”.

Night Nurse (Discomix)                                     7:03

Material Man                                                    6:32


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Levert – Casanova (1987)

LeVert was an R&B/pop singing group, formed in Ohio in 1984, composed of Sean and Gerald Levert—sons of Eddie Levert, founder of the O’Jays—and Marc Gordon.

The group released their first single, “I’m Still”, for Harry Coombes’s Tempre label. In 1985, they released their debut album, I Get Hot, which included tracks whose vocals drew strong comparisons to Sean and Gerald Levert’s father Eddie. Bloodline followed in 1986, and this album included the band’s first big R&B hit “(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind”, a track that went all the way to Number One. However, the band’s next album, 1987’s The Big Throwdown became an even bigger success, on the strength of the Number One R&B hit “Casanova”, which gave them a crossover onto the pop chart (number 5) and also the UK Top 10.

“Casanova” is a 1987 single by LeVert, written and produced by Reggie Calloway. It reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number nine on the UK Singles Chart, LeVert’s only Top Ten on either chart. It was Number One on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart for two weeks, becoming the group’s second Number One. It has become a standard number for New Orleans brass bands following its popularization by the Rebirth Brass Band. The song is featured in 1987’s The Pick-Up Artist, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald, and appears on the soundtrack album of the Whoopi Goldberg movie Fatal Beauty, released the same year.

“Casanova” has been covered by Ultimate KAOS, whose version peaked at number 24 in 1997 in the UK.

The remixes on this US 12″ are by Reggie Calloway, Steve Beltran, and Vincent Calloway.

Casanova (Vocal / Extended Mix)                        7:56

Casanova (Dance Mix)                                       5:00

Casanova (Dub Mix)                                           8:22

Casanova (A Capella)                                         5:46


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Gary Numan – Cars (1987)

“Cars” is a 1979 song by UK artist Gary Numan, and was released as a single from the album The Pleasure Principle. It reached the top of the charts in several countries, and today is considered a new wave staple. In the UK charts, it reached number 1 in 1979, and in 1980 hit number 1 in Canada two weeks running on the RPM national singles chartand rose to number 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Though Numan had a string of hits in the UK, “Cars” was his only US Top 40. It debuted on the American Top 40 on 29 March 1980, and spent a total of 17 weeks in the AT40. “Cars” was released under the ‘Atco’ label, with the catalog number of 7211.

The song was the first release credited solely to Gary Numan after he dropped the band name Tubeway Army, under which name he had released four singles and two LPs, including the number one UK hit “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”, and its parent album, Replicas. Musically, the new song was somewhat lighter and more pop-oriented than its predecessors, Numan later conceding that he had chart success in mind: “This was the first time I had written a song with the intention of ‘maybe it could be a hit single’; I was writing this before ‘Are “Friends” Electric?’ happened.”

The original UK single was released in August 1979, backed with a non-album instrumental track called “Asylum”. The US B-side was “Metal”, from The Pleasure Principle album. The track has been a UK Top 20 hit for Numan in 3 successive decades: on its original release in 1979 (making number 1); in 1987 as the ‘E Reg Model’ remix (making number 16); and again in 1996 following its use in an advertisement for Carling Premier beer (number 17). Numan has regularly performed the song on stage since its original release and it appears on all but one of his official live albums to date.

The 1987 remixes were by Zeus B. Held.

Cars (Extended ‘E’ Reg Model)                                    6:11

Are ‘Friends’ Electric?                                                 5:18

Cars (‘E’ Reg Model)                                                   3:38

Cars (Motorway Mix)                                                   4:22


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Gregory Hines – That Girl Wants To Dance With Me (1988)

Gregory Oliver Hines (February 14, 1946 – August 9, 2003) was an American actor, singer, dancer and choreographer.

Hines performed as the lead singer and musician in a rock band called Severance in the year of 1975-1976 based in Venice, California. Severance was one of the house bands at an original music club called Honky Hoagies Handy Hangout, otherwise known as the 4H Club. Severance released their debut album on Largo Records (a subsidiary of GNP Crescendo) in 1976. In 1986, he sang a duet with Luther Vandross, entitled “There’s Nothing Better Than Love”, which reached the No. 1 position on the Billboard R&B charts.

The hit single was followed up in 1988 with Gregory’s self-titled debut album. All tracks on the album were co-written by Luther Vandross and included vocal contributions by some of the most talented singers in the industry including Luther, Cheryl Lynn, Cissy Houston, Darlene Love, David Lasley, Lisa Fischer, Fonzi Thornton and Tawatha Agee.

The album yielded two singles (three if you include “There’s Nothing Better Than Love” released two years earlier), “That Girl Wants To Dance With Me” and “You Need Somebody”.

That Girl Wants To Dance With Me” was remixed by Jellybean for the 12″ single release.

That Girl Wants To Dance With Me (Long Version)                        7:09

That Girl Wants To Dance With Me (Short Version)                       4:37

That Girl Wants To Dance With Me (Dub)                                     6:17


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The Valentine Brothers ‎– Money’s Too Tight To Mention (1988)

The Valentine Brothers were an American recording act in the late 1970s and 1980s, comprising brothers John and William “Billy” Valentine. One of their biggest hits, as singers and songwriters, was “Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)”, which reached no. 41 in the R&B chart in 1982 and was later recorded with greater worldwide success by Simply Red.

The brothers were born in Columbus, Ohio. Billy Valentine performed as a singer with Young-Holt Unlimited in the mid-1970s, before joining with his brother John to begin performing as The Valentine Brothers in 1975. Starting in 1977, they began a three-year stint as part of the touring company of The Wiz musical.Their first self-titled album was issued by Source Records in 1979, and their second album, First Take in 1982, featured the single “Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)”, written by the duo and produced by Bobby Lyle.The record spent 14 weeks on the Billboard R&B chart, reaching no. 41.

After the success of the Simply Red version of “Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)” in 1985, the Valentine Brothers version was revived in 1988 with a new remix and the original 1982 mix on the flip side.

Money’s Too Tight To Mention (88 Dollar Mix)        6:09

Money’s Too Tight To Mention (Original Mix)          5:59


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William Orbit – Feel Like Jumping (1987)

William Orbit (born William Mark Wainwright, 15 December 1956) is an English musician, composer and record producer. In the early 1980s he formed synthpop act Torch Song with Laurie Mayer and Grant Gilbert. In 1987 he released the first of his Strange Cargo album series, containing ambient music.

Towards the end of the 1990s Orbit started to work with bigger name artists, producing songs on Ray of Light and Music by Madonna, 13 and Think Tank by Blur and Saints and Sinners by All Saints. His work with Madonna led him to win three Grammys. He worked again with Madonna on her 2012 album MDNA producing six songs.

Orbit was the first album by William Orbit released in 1987, prior to the first Strange Cargo album released the same year. While all of his later solo albums are predominantly instrumental, this album consists mostly of songs with lyrics, with vocals performed by Peta Nikolich.

William has described the Orbit album as ‘far from his best’ and has suggested that listeners save their money for something else unless they are collecto-maniacs. Orbit has been deleted since the mid Eighties but was re-released without his permission in digital form by IRS Records.

The first single from the Orbit album was “Feel Like Jumping” which was backed with an extended edit of album track “Blue Street” for the UK 12″.

Feel Like Jumping (One Jump Beyond)                          6:44

Swamp Dog                                                                3:59

Blue Street (Extended Edit)                                          4:46


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