The Springsteen Brothers ‎– She’s Fine (1984)

Possibly the rarest Shep Pettibone mix, this UK 12″ was released on the Cooltempo label and regularly sells for US$75-US$100 on ebay but can be picked up cheaper if you scout around.

Not a lot of information on this act, other than this was their only release and it was possibly used in the 1984 film “Breakdance” based on the 7″ release being called the “Breakdance Mix”

“She’s Fine” was written by The Springsteen Brothers, produced by Darryl Payne (Sharon Redd/Sinnamon) and mixed by Shep Pettibone.

She’s Fine (Breakers V. Soul Boy Mix)                     5:35

She’s Fine (Shep Pettibone Remix)                          6:12


Listen !

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