It’s Over Rapidshare

After many months of complaints about the service at Rapidshare, they have decided to reward it’s paying customers with the following:

Dear RapidShare Customers
Kindly we would like to inform you that by 15 April 2014 new prices for our services will be applied. Our new pricing plan as of this date is as follows:

STANDARD remains for free.
STANDARD PLUS will cost 49.99 € per month
PREMIUM will cost 99.99 € per month

The data traffic limitation policy of their own files will be discontinued.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Thank you for your understanding.

For comparison, I have been paying 9.99 € per month for the STANDARD PLUS account, an increase of 500% !!!

As I am funding the cost of file hosting and all the other normal associated costs of cleaning and restoring these vinyl masterpieces personally, I will not be paying 49.99 € per month for a service that has been sub-standard at best.

I’m currently looking at other providers such as Rapidgator or Uploaded and will need to transfer all my files to the new host, if any of you have any recommendations for a new provider, please post a message in the comments.

My guess is Rapidshare will not survive much longer with this current business model so better that I move now before its too late.


13 comments on “It’s Over Rapidshare

  1. As they used to say on the radio, “Long time listener, first time caller!”

    Sorry to hear about the price-gouging from Rapidshare. Have you considered skipping the file hosting services completely and just seeding these files over bittorrent?

    Thank you for the work you’ve done. I know first hand, because I’ve tried it myself with mixed results, that ripping vinyl is not easy to do well. The stuff you’ve posted has all been amazing.

    • Funny you should mention bittorrent as I was just thinking about it this morning, as long as the users are happy to give back what they download, this could be a good option, you just don’t want to end up with files ending up with no seeds and effectively dying, could definitely be worth a trial run though !

  2. rapidshare’s new price is a scandal (all servers are about 10 e/per month):they are killing ourselves . if you ‘re thinking of users without any premium account,best choice is mega or putlocker (now firedrive),and maybe 4shared (this server is more expensive than others),uploadedto is a very bad server to download without premium (low and discontinous download;the same as rapidgator,freakshare,bitsshare and similar) good luck and best wishes

  3. Well, every hosting service has some risk or drawbacks, even without considering the piracy aspect. The alternative, hosting it yourself for direct download (well, probably not in your home, but on a leased box at a hosting service), isn’t much better since you’ll pay for the bandwidth and put yourself at greater risk. But it is an option.

    BitTorrent isn’t perfect either…I know it’s frustrating if hardly anyone seeds, but you can’t insist that people use their bandwidth and disk space in the way you prefer…you just have to live with the fact that torrents tend to have a limited lifespan, and you may be doing most of the seeding. That said, I’ve seen even the most seemingly obscure torrents on well-organized portals (like rutracker and the old Demonoid) live on for much longer than expected, actually benefiting from unrestricted availability and lack of quotas, despite what advocates of private trackers and draconian seed-leech ratio enforcement will tell you. I believe the key is exposure, strength in numbers.

    Anyway if you get JDownloader, you can look at all the hosting services it supports and maybe try them out and find one you like… however from experience I can say it’s a gamble, as the smaller services can shut down without notice.

    I haven’t used it for hosting yet but I see that Solidfiles is free and fast (no wait times for downloaders), and keeps files as long as the file is downloaded or you log in at least once every 90 days.

    Mega is great, in my experience, but the security features come with a price: their interface is not 100% compatible with all browsers…some people are told they need to upgrade or use a different browser, with no way around it AFAIK.

  4. First of all, thank you for all the great music!

    Have you considered usenet, at least as a backup solution maybe? Currently the premium providers offer over 5 years retention and still growing, which means nothing (or very little) will be lost/deleted in the foreseeable future. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it’s very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Speed is not an issue either.

  5. Thanks to everyone who responded to this post, for now I have paid for 1 month at the old rate on Rapidshare and uploaded a large quantity to Mega to give it a trial, you might see links from both over the next month and eventually new links to Rapidshare will stop. Please keep sending feedback regarding download speeds and how user friendly the new option is. EV

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