Machinations ‎– Jumping The Gap (1983)

Out of all the musical revolutions, the Australian invasion of the early ‘80s is often the most overlooked despite the fact that Men at Work, Midnight Oil, and INXS became international superstars. Furthermore, other regional artists such as the Church, Icehouse, and Pseudo Echo also scored hits of their own. Perhaps they were overshadowed by England’s own new wave chart-toppers at the time even though Australia was easily able to match their output. Lost in the deluge of post-punk acts from Australia was Machinations, a group heavily inspired by the synthesizer-based new romantic sounds emanating from the U.K. Machinations was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1980 by Fred Loneragan (vocals), Tim Doyle (guitar), Nick Swan (bass), and Tony Starr (keyboards). The band released their first single, “Average Inadequacy”, in 1981.

“Jumping The Gap” was the follow-up to the hit single “Pressure Sway”, the 12″ added a US club mix of their first single “Average Inadequacy” and like “Pressure Sway” remix duties were again handled by Steve Thompson at Media Sound Studios in New York.

Jumping The Gap (Extended Mix)                        5:00

Jumping The Gap (Dub Mix)                                4:10

Average Inadequacy (Club Mix)                           5:20


Listen !


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