Time Bandits – Wildfire (1988)

Time Bandits was formed in 1981 by Dutch born Alides Hidding, who wrote all songs and sang lead vocals. The band’s four albums made the charts all over the world.Time Bandits established a presence on the American music scene with two entries on the dance charts with the #6 dance hit “Live It Up” in 1982 and “I’m Only Shooting Love” which peaked at #2 in 1985.

By the mid-1980s, Time Bandits was achieving great success as far away as Australia, where “I’m Only Shooting Love” and “Endless Road” (where its music video was filmed) were both Top 10 hits and are now widely considered ’80s classics. These singles and other hits such as “Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice”, “Dancing On A String” and “I’m Specialized In You” were also successful in the Netherlands, Germany, France and New Zealand (where “I’m Only Shooting Love” hit number one in June 1984).

The 4th album by the Time Bandits was released in 1987, titled “Can’t Wait For Another World” , the album was produced by Dan Hartman and released in the UK, US and Netherlands.

The second single to be released from “Can’t Wait For Another World” was Wildfire, and the US release featured remix credits by Jon “Tokes” Potoker

Wildfire                                                        6:30

Wildfire (Dub)                                               4:24

Wildfire (Instrumental)                                   4:24


Listen !


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