Exposé ‎– Come Go With Me (1986)

“Come Go with Me” is a single by the freestyle girl group Exposé. The song was written by producer and group founder Lewis Martineé and appears on their 1987 debut album, Exposure. Jeanette Jurado sings the lead vocal on “Come Go with Me”, with Gioia Bruno and Ann Curless singing backup.

In 1985, Exposé had two dance club hits, “Point of No Return” and “Exposed to Love”. Between 1985 and 1986, the three original members of Exposé left the group and were replaced by Jeanette Jurado, Ann Curless and Gioia Bruno. These new members re-recorded vocals on “Point of No Return”, and both songs were included on the album. Although “Come Go with Me” was the first single released from Exposure, the other two songs were familiar to fans of the group and its music.

“Come Go With Me” was mixed by Chris Lord-Algé and Lewis Martineé.

Come Go With Me (Extended Mix)                         6:30

Come Dub With Me                                              7:00

Come Go With Me (Radio Mix)                              3:45


Listen !


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