Patti LaBelle ‎– New Attitude (1985)

“New Attitude” is a song performed by Patti LaBelle and written by Sharon Teresa Robinson, Jon Gilutin, and Bunny Hull. It was released in January 1985 and helped launch LaBelle’s solo career as a pop music singer after the singer had spent seven years without a cross over pop hit following the break-up of Labelle.

In 1984, Patti LaBelle began taking part in films, participating in her first acting role in the acclaimed film, A Soldier’s Story. Around the same time, producers of the film, Beverly Hills Cop, was busy putting together a soundtrack for the film, and called on LaBelle to record two songs for its soundtrack. “New Attitude”, a song about a woman changing her outlook on life both emotionally and physically, was produced by Harold Faltermeyer. The song was different from previous LaBelle recordings, which had been mostly pop ballads with occasional stabs at dance music and R&B, focusing on a synthpop direction. It was LaBelle’s first MCA single, released in January 1985.

The song climbed to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot Dance Music chart in a remixed form in 1986. It also peaked at number three on the Hot R&B Singles chart in 1986. The singer shot her first music video of her career with the song, which was shot at a fashion store.

This US Promo 12″ featured remixes by Louil Silas Jr.

New Attitude (Extended Version)                                   6:14

New Attitude (Single Version)                                       3:59

New Attitude (Club Version)                                          8:06


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Tramaine ‎– Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (1985)

Fall Down (Spirit of Love) is a 1985 gospel single by Tramaine Hawkins. The single is notable in that it was one of few times a gospel single was equally successful on the dance charts. “Fall Down (Spirit of Love)” made it to #1 on dance charts for one week in the fall of 1985.It reached the Top 10 on the soul singles chart, where it peaked at #7.

Nearly 15 years later, “Fall Down” received a resurgence of popularity as gospel singer Kelli Williams recorded a remake of the hit as “Fall Down 2000,” produced by avant garde gospel artist Tonéx. Though the song had not been widely acknowledged in the gospel music community, the more than 8-minute extended dance mix was finally included on Tramaine’s 2001 collection All My Best To You, Vol. 2.

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Vocal)                                               8:17

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (A Cappella Vocal)                              1:07

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Instrumental)                                     4:45

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Wind Dub)                                        0:59

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Dub Version)                                     5:48


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June Pointer ‎– Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (1989)

June Antoinette Pointer (November 30, 1953 – April 11, 2006) was an American pop/R&B singer and a founding member of the Grammy Award-winning vocal group The Pointer Sisters.

In 1983, The Pointer Sisters released what would be their biggest album to date, Break Out. It included the Top 10 hits “Automatic”; “Jump (for My Love)”; a re-release of “I’m So Excited”, which became a bigger hit than when originally released in 1982; and “Neutron Dance.” Subsequent albums spawned hits such as “Dare Me,” “Freedom” and “Goldmine.” (June sang lead vocals on several of the group’s top singles, including “Happiness,” “He’s So Shy”, “Jump (For My Love)”, “Baby Come And Get It” and “Dare Me.”)

Eventually, June ventured into a solo career while staying with the Pointer Sisters; she released the Baby Sister album in 1983 (it scored a modest hit with “Ready for Some Action”) and a self-titled effort in 1989 (its charting single was “Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In)”

“Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In)” was remixed by Greg Royal and Taavi Mote.

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (12″ Office Mix)                               6:54

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (Club 7″ Career Mix)                        3:50

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (7″ Remix)                                      3:52

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (Single Version (With DJ)                 3:49

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (12″ Overtime Club Mix)                   5:50

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (Bonus Beats)                                 3:42

Tight On Time (I’ll Fit U In) (Acapella)                                       3:50


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Lillo Thomas ‎– Sexy Girl (1987)

Lillo Thomas. (born 1961, Brooklyn, New York, United States), is an American former Olympic-qualifying athlete and later a soul musician. He reached the peak of his success as a recording artist in the 1980s.

Early in his life, Thomas’s goal was running. He set the world record for the 200 meters at the age of sixteen.As a member of the U.S. track and field team, he qualified for the 1984 Olympics, but was not able to attend after a car accident in Brazil.

Thomas quickly established his musical career. His first album, released in 1983 on Capitol Records, charted at #23 on the R&B Albums record charts. Let Me Be Yours also launched his first solo hit, “(You’re A) Good Girl”, which peaked at #90 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.

Also a successful session vocalist, he worked with Evelyn “Champagne” King, Kashif, James Ingram, and George Benson, but developed a special relationship with Melba Moore. He wrote the song “Mind Up Tonight” for her and joined her on tour in 1984 as her protege. That same year, he released his second solo album, “All of You”, which climbed to #9 on the R&B Albums chart and also reached #186 on the Billboard 200.

In 1985, Thomas toured with comedian Eddie Murphy, but 1987 was the pinnacle of success for his music career when his album Lillo released to become #10 on the R&B Albums chart.

The Lillo album launched his most successful single, “I’m in Love.” which reached #2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, this was followed by “Sexy Girl” which reached #9 on the same chart.

“Sexy Girl” was written and produced by Paul Laurence and Timmy Allen (Change/Atlantic Starr)

Sexy Girl (Sexy Mix)                                                                      6:20

Sexy Girl (Edit)                                                                              4:01

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)                                   4:37


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Dan Hartman ‎– I Can Dream About You (1984)

Daniel Earl “Dan” Hartman (December 8, 1950—March 22, 1994) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, best known for such songs as: “Free Ride”, “I Can Dream About You”, “Instant Replay”, “Love Sensation”, and “Relight My Fire”, all of which had world-wide success.

“I Can Dream About You” first appeared in Streets of Fire, where it was performed by the fictional group The Sorels. The real voice behind the version used in the movie was Winston Ford, but Hartman’s version was the one used on the soundtrack and released as a single.In a Songfacts interview with the film’s musical director, Kenny Vance, he recalled “The same guy that sings lead on that and “Countdown to Love,” a song that I wrote for the film, was a guy working at a Radio Shack (Winston Ford), and I think when you look at the film and The Sorels are singing it live in the movie, that was the version that was supposed to come out, and I recorded that version. But then when Dan Hartman heard it, I don’t know what happened next, but I know that he took that guy’s voice off and he put his own on, and he had a hit with it. Hollywood is a very slippery place.”

“I Can Dream About You” was released in 1984 as a single from the soundtrack, and included on Hartman’s album I Can Dream About You, it reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2006, the song appeared in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

I Can Dream About You (Larry Levan Remix)                     5:56

I Can Dream About You (Jellybean Remix)                        7:31


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Heavy D. & The Boyz ‎– Somebody For Me (1989)

Heavy D & the Boyz were the first group signed to Uptown Records, with Heavy D as the frontman and only rapper. Eddie F was his business partner in the group, DJ, and one of the producers. The other two members, T-Roy and G-Wiz were the dancers. Their debut, Living Large, was released in 1987. The album was a commercial success; Big Tyme was a breakthrough that included four hits.

Big Tyme was released in 1989 for Uptown Records and was produced by DJ Eddie F, Teddy Riley, Marley Marl, and Pete Rock. The album was considerably more successful than the group’s last album, making it to #19 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Three hit singles were released: “We Got Our Own Thang”, “Somebody for Me”, and “Gyrlz, They Love Me”.

Somebody For Me (LP Version)                              4:57

Somebody For Me (7″ Version)                               3:56

Somebody For Me (Instrumental)                            5:01

Somebody For Me (Hip Hop Version)                      5:05

Somebody For Me (Coolin Mix)                              6:30


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Aleem Featuring Leroy Burgess ‎– Love’s On Fire (1986)

Leroy Burgess (born 20 August 1953) is a singer, songwriter, keyboard player, recording artist, and producer. He is related to Thom Bell and Kool & The Gang members Robert “Kool” Bell, Ronald Bell (a.k.a. Khalis Bayyan) and Amir Bayyan (a.k.a. Kevin Bell) of the Kay-Gees, as well as Archie Bell of Archie Bell & The Drells.

Burgess was a member of Black Ivory and lead vocalist on the majority of their hits in the early ’70s. The band was signed by small East Coast label Today/Perception, which was run by Patrick Adams, also the band’s manager. Burgess frequently collaborated with Adams in writing songs, as well.

As a solo artist Burgess had numerous club hits in the 1970s and 1980s including “Heartbreaker”, “Stranger” and “You Got That Something”. Burgess chose to move on, joining the band Aleem, which had hits with “Confusion”, “Release Yourself”, and “Hooked On Your Love”.

Love’s On Fire (Vocal/Long Version)                       5:30

Love’s On Fire (Long Dub Version)                         6:01

Love’s On Fire (Vocal/Edited Version)                    3:59


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Klymaxx ‎– Divas Need Love Too (1987)

“Divas Need Love Too” was a single recorded by Klymaxx for the MCA label. Relying on an outside producer and songwriters, this song was recorded and released as the fourth and final single from their fifth album, Klymaxx. This song reached number 14 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart.

Divas Need Love Too (Extended Remix Version)                   7:15

Divas Need Love Too (Radio Edit)                                        6:08

Divas Need Love Too (Instrumental)                                     7:21

Divas Need Love Too (Dubapella)                                         5:17


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The Girls ‎– S-E-S-E-X (1984)

The Girls were a less renowned American 1980s Minneapolis sounding R&B trio gathered by Andre Cymone in 1983. All three members were still in their teens at time: Doris Rhodes (age 19), Germain Brooks, (age 18) and Sheila Rankin (age 17).

They were in the vein of Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6. After noticing the success that Prince had with Vanity 6, Andre hoped to achieve the same with his own girl group. After signing with Columbia Records in 1983, he and the Girls worked on their debut (and what would ultimately remain their only) album, Girl Talk, which was released the following year in 1984.

Andre produced the album and wrote or co-wrote the songs, among them was “Don’t Waste My Time.” Much to his misfortune, it failed to sell. Columbia dropped the Girls from their roster and they disbanded by 1985.

S-E-S-E-X (Vocal)                                     6:00

S-E-S-E-X (Instrumental)                           5:20


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Klymaxx ‎– The Men All Pause (1984)

Klymaxx is an American all-female band created and founded by drummer and singer Bernadette Cooper. Cooper after college created the all-girl band. She also created the name ‘Klymaxx’. Klymaxx’s uniqueness is due to the all-girl band’s ability to play instruments, and their sound was influential because of its comedic, women power theme. Klymaxx’s original members are (vocalist, drummer, founder) Bernadette Cooper, (vocalist) Lorena Porter (Stewart), (guitarist) Cheryl Cooley, (keyboardists ) Lynn Malsby, (keyboardists) Robbin Grider and later after the band signed to Solar records (bassist/ vocalist) Joyce Irby, was added to the band . In 1981, Klymaxx were signed to Solar Records by Dick Griffey.

“The Men All Pause” was a hit single written by Bernadette Cooper and Joyce Irby, this song was recorded and released as the first single off their fourth album, Meeting in the Ladies Room. This song reached number 5 on the Billboard R&B chart, number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100,and number 9 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. The success of this song helped the group’s Meeting in the Ladies Room album reach Platinum status.

“The Man All Pause” was remixed by Louil Silas Jr.

The Men All Pause                                          7:10

The Men All Pause (Dub Version)                     7:08

The Men All Pause (LP Version)                       5:02


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