Tramaine ‎– Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (1985)

Fall Down (Spirit of Love) is a 1985 gospel single by Tramaine Hawkins. The single is notable in that it was one of few times a gospel single was equally successful on the dance charts. “Fall Down (Spirit of Love)” made it to #1 on dance charts for one week in the fall of 1985.It reached the Top 10 on the soul singles chart, where it peaked at #7.

Nearly 15 years later, “Fall Down” received a resurgence of popularity as gospel singer Kelli Williams recorded a remake of the hit as “Fall Down 2000,” produced by avant garde gospel artist Tonéx. Though the song had not been widely acknowledged in the gospel music community, the more than 8-minute extended dance mix was finally included on Tramaine’s 2001 collection All My Best To You, Vol. 2.

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Vocal)                                               8:17

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (A Cappella Vocal)                              1:07

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Instrumental)                                     4:45

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Wind Dub)                                        0:59

Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (Dub Version)                                     5:48


Listen !


7 comments on “Tramaine ‎– Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) (1985)

  1. hi there, the track on the download link is In The Morning Time NOT Fall Down (Spirit Of Love)? hmmmm…please advise, Rick 🙂

  2. Hello good evening friend, while I follow his blog and excellent with belissima posts, congratulations my friend, but this post of Tramaine came the single In The Morning Time, so possibly the single pole to nois Fall Down .. God bless you and hugs from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

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