Boy George ‎– Live My Life (1987)

Boy George (born George Alan O’Dowd; 14 June 1961) is a British singer-songwriter, who was part of the English New Romantic movement which emerged in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. His music is often classified as blue-eyed soul, which is influenced by rhythm and blues and reggae. His 1990s and 2000s-era solo music has glam influences, such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

During the 1980s, Boy George was the lead singer of the Grammy and Brit Award winning pop band Culture Club where he became known for his soulful voice and androgynous appearance. He also founded and was lead singer of Jesus Loves You during the period 1989–1992. Being involved in many activities (among them songwriting, DJing, writing books, designing clothes and photography), he has released fewer music recordings in the last decade.

After the dissolution of Culture Club in 1986, Boy George entered treatment for his addiction. He was prescribed narcotics to treat his addiction to heroin. In kicking his heroin addiction, he then became addicted to the prescription narcotics that were used during his treatment.

In 1987, he released his first solo album, Sold, which garnered mild success in Europe. It spawned the UK singles “Everything I Own” (UK No. 1), “Keep Me in Mind” (UK No. 29), “To Be Reborn” (UK No. 13), and the title song, “Sold” (UK No. 24).  The singles were also hits in various other European countries. The album’s success, however, was not duplicated in America.  This may be due in part to the fact that George was prohibited by US authorities from travelling to the United States for several years because of his British drug charges. He was therefore unable to be in America to help promote the album.

George did score his first solo US Top 40 hit with the single “Live My Life” (US No. 40) from the soundtrack to the movie Hiding Out.

Michael Moore provided the remixes while Mark S. Berry & Paul Fox contributed the Klub mixes.

Live My Life (12″ Soul Remix)                                 7:25

Live My Life (The Quake Dub)                                 6:25

Live My Life (12″ Klub Mix)                                     7:35

Live My Life (Klub Dub)                                          6:25



Colonel Abrams ‎– Music Is The Answer (1984)

Colonel Abrams (his real name) moved with his family to New York City when he was ten years old due to his father (a construction worker) getting a job there. The family moved to the East Village in Manhattan on East 13 Street. From an early age, he began playing the guitar and piano. He was in several early bands. Among them was Heavy Impact in which he played both guitar and keyboards alongside Joe Webb (guitar), Lemar Washington (guitar), Marston Freeman (bass guitar), Ronald Simmons (drums), Harry Jones (trumpet) and Barbara Mills (saxophone). In the mid-1970s he formed Conservative Manor, 94 East (the band featuring Prince on lead guitar) and the New Jersey band Surprise Package.

Hits in the mid-1980s including “Leave the Message Behind the Door” and “Music Is the Answer” established him as a solo artist, initially in Europe and later in the US.

“Music Is The Answer” reached #84 in the UK and #11 on the US Dance Charts.

Music Is The Answer                                                  6:40

Music Is The Answer (Dub Mix)                                   6:24

Leave The Message Behind The Door                          5:47


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Kevin Paige ‎– Don’t Shut Me Out (1989)

Kevin Paige (born October 10, 1966, Memphis, Tennessee) was a recording artist on Chrysalis in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His eponymously titled solo album sported a pair of top 40 dance-pop singles, “Don’t Shut Me Out” and “Anything I Want”. This success won him a spot as the opening act on bubblegum pop chanteuse Debbie Gibson’s world tour.

Paige went on to become a songwriter for Zomba Music Group and he is a music-minister at Lindenwood Christian Church in Memphis. He also released a Christmas CD with his wife, Bethany Paige, entitled A W.O.W. Christmas in 2004, as well as a contemporary Christian disc entitled Faith, Hope, Love, Passion that same year. Kevin and Bethany released the CD This Much Love in 2006, which includes secular and non secular songs written by Kevin.

“Don’t Shut Me Out” was remixed by Bruce Forest and Frank Heller for the 12″ single.

Don’t Shut Me Out (Dance Mix)                                     8:10

Don’t Shut Me Out (Dance Mix Edit)                              4:14

Don’t Shut Me Out (Alternate Vocal Mix)                        4:06

Don’t Shut Me Out (LP Mix)                                          3:47


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