Machinations ‎– Cars & Planes (1989)

At last, the much requested Australian 12″ single of “Cars & Planes” from 1989.

“Cars & Planes” was the fourth and last single from the Machination’s final album “Uptown” released in October 1988. Original versions of the CD for this album featured the Mark Berry Club Mix as a bonus track.

By the time that “Cars & Planes” was released, the group had become a popular band on the Australian touring circuit. Their activities were curtailed in April 1989 when a hit-and-run car accident left lead vocalist Fred Loneragan with a broken neck, multiple cuts, bruises and concussion. He spent several months recuperating in hospital. Initially fellow band members intended to continue whilst Loneragan recovered,however the group disbanded as various members left to join other local groups.

Machinations reformed in 2012 and performed two shows at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on 24 and 25 February. On 6 December they gigged at the Enmore Theatre along with Blondie, and The Stranglers. Machinations planned further shows.

“Cars & Planes” was produced by Andy Wallace (Nirvana/Jeff Buckley) and co-produced/remixed by Mark Berry.

Cars & Planes (Club Mix)                                6:33

Cars & Planes (Dub Version)                           5:22

Beats & Planes (Bonus Beats)                        3:07

Cars & Planes (Live)                                       4:17


Listen !





8 comments on “Machinations ‎– Cars & Planes (1989)

  1. Thanks to all for the warm welcome, I’ve been on holiday for the past month, trawling through the second-hand record stores of Paris and have returned with a great selection of 12″ singles which will take me many weeks to clean and record, look forward to many regular posts over the rest of the year EV

  2. Haha! Awesome! I’ve just listened to all the tracks twice – even the live one! And.. just brilliant. 8osV, you have done me, and by the looks of it, a lot of other people a huge service. So happy to have this, and so happy to have you sharing great music. Thank you. Lucky bugger to be trekking around Paris. Hope you had a great time and welcome back! 😀

  3. Thanks for turning me on to the Machinations. Last night I sat and listened to all the 12″ mixes you shared plus the mini LP “The Big Beat”. Machinations are now my favourite band I never knew existed in the 80s. Big Love from New York City.

  4. Thanks for all the Machinations. Would you please be able to re-up the ones that aren’t available. Cheers from Oz.

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