Carol Lynn Townes ‎– 99 1/2 (1984)

Carol Lynn Townes is an American soul singer from Warrenton, North Carolina.

Hailing from a family of gospel singers, she made her debut singing gospel at age three. She moved to New York in the early 1970s, joining a male soul group called Fifth Avenue. The group consisted of prominent jingle singers. With Townes as lead singer, the group recorded the single, “Wheeler Dealer”, for Buddha Records, and followed with an album on RCA Records in 1976. But it was not until nearly a decade later that Townes achieved commercial success.

Signed to Polydor in 1982 as a solo artist, she recorded a cover version of Alton McClain & Destiny’s “99 ½” for the Breakin’ soundtrack in 1984.  This became a Top 10 dance club hit and made #22 on the US Billboard R&B chart, and #77 on the Hot 100.  It peaked at #47 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1984.

99 1/2 (Club Mix)                               5:26

99 1/2 (Dub Mix)                                5:26


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Lillo Thomas ‎– Downtown (1987)

Lillo Thomas. (born 1961, Brooklyn, New York, United States), is an American former Olympic-qualifying athlete and later a soul musician. He reached the peak of his success as a recording artist in the 1980s. His most famous songs include “Sexy Girl” and “I’m in Love.”

Early in his life, Thomas’s goal was running. He set the world record for the 200 meters at the age of sixteen. As a member of the U.S. track and field team, he qualified for the 1984 Olympics, but was not able to attend after a car accident in Brazil.

Thomas quickly established his musical career. His first album, released in 1983 on Capitol Records, charted at #23 on the R&B Albums record charts. Let Me Be Yours also launched his first solo hit, “(You’re A) Good Girl”, which peaked at #90 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks. Also a successful session vocalist, he worked with Evelyn “Champagne” King, Kashif, James Ingram, and George Benson, but developed a special relationship with Melba Moore. He wrote the song “Mind Up Tonight” for her and joined her on tour in 1984 as her protege. That same year, he released his second solo album, “All of You”, which climbed to #9 on the R&B Albums chart and also reached #186 on the Billboard 200.

In 1985, Thomas toured with comedian Eddie Murphy, but 1987 was the pinnacle of success for his music career when his album Lillo released to become #10 on the R&B Albums chart and launched his most successful single, “I’m in Love.” The song reached #2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. Two other singles charted, with “Downtown” reaching #11 and “Sexy Girl” reaching #9 on the same chart.

This US 12″ single gathered the City Mix and Radio Mix (Frank Del Rio & Victor Flores) of “Downtown” with the Taxi Mix (Billy Carroll) of “Downtown” and Uptown Mix (Brian “Chuck” New) of “I’m In Love”.

Downtown (City Mix)                                       7:26

Downtown (Radio Mix)                                     4:25

Downtown (Taxi Mix)                                       7:55

I’m In Love (Uptown Mix)                                  6:47


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Machinations ‎– Cars & Planes (1989)

At last, the much requested Australian 12″ single of “Cars & Planes” from 1989.

“Cars & Planes” was the fourth and last single from the Machination’s final album “Uptown” released in October 1988. Original versions of the CD for this album featured the Mark Berry Club Mix as a bonus track.

By the time that “Cars & Planes” was released, the group had become a popular band on the Australian touring circuit. Their activities were curtailed in April 1989 when a hit-and-run car accident left lead vocalist Fred Loneragan with a broken neck, multiple cuts, bruises and concussion. He spent several months recuperating in hospital. Initially fellow band members intended to continue whilst Loneragan recovered,however the group disbanded as various members left to join other local groups.

Machinations reformed in 2012 and performed two shows at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on 24 and 25 February. On 6 December they gigged at the Enmore Theatre along with Blondie, and The Stranglers. Machinations planned further shows.

“Cars & Planes” was produced by Andy Wallace (Nirvana/Jeff Buckley) and co-produced/remixed by Mark Berry.

Cars & Planes (Club Mix)                                6:33

Cars & Planes (Dub Version)                           5:22

Beats & Planes (Bonus Beats)                        3:07

Cars & Planes (Live)                                       4:17


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