Margaret Urlich ‎– Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) (1989)

Margaret Urlich began her career as the vocalist for the new wave group Peking Man with her brother Pat, Tim Calder, Perry Marshall, Jan Foulkes, Neville Hall, John Fearon and Jay F-bula. Peking Man won the 1984 Shazam! Battle of The Bands, (a TVNZ pop show) nz on screen, had a number of hit songs in New Zealand, “Good Luck to You”, which reached No. 6, “Lift Your Head Up High”, reaching No. 21 and the number one, “Room That Echoes”, in 1985. Later she was a member of an all-girl pop group in New Zealand called When The Cat’s Away. Urlich moved to Australia during the late 1980s and released her solo debut album Safety In Numbers in 1989. The album peaked at No. 4 on the New Zealand album charts and No. 5 on the Australian album charts and went triple platinum in Australia. Urlich winning an ARIA Award in 1991 for “Best Breakthrough Artist.”

“Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night)’ was the debut single from the Safety In Numbers album and is most well known for having one of the most obscure PWL remixes, being released on 12” single in Australia only.

The single went to #10 in New Zealand and #24 in Australia, Pete Hammond was responsible for the remix.

Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) (PWL Remix)                   7:10

Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night)                                        4:00

Room That Echoes                                                                                          3:50


Listen !



3 comments on “Margaret Urlich ‎– Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) (1989)

  1. Wooooow! Only place I’ve heard this mix on is YouTube. Truly one of, if not the most, obscure commercially released PWL remix. Amazing find bud! Searching for this on discogs & ebay, and even a vacation to Melbourne has turned up nothing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for this as I did not realise that there was a 12″ for it. If you are able to could you please re-up the 12″ of Room That Echoes as I absolutely love that song.

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