Sugar Daddy ‎– Another One Bites The Dust (1980)

Kevin “Sugar Daddy” Woodley began his career as a rapper and disc-jockey at John Jay College radio station, WJJC, in New York.  While in college  “Sugar Daddy” landed a gig as the house disc-jockey for Laff’s, a prominent New York nightclub where he befriended one of the club’s nightly promoters, Russell Simmons.  Their love of music fostered a relationship both professional and personal, and Simmons began to manage  “Sugar Daddy”.  Simmons introduced Sugar Daddy to his brother then known as “DJ Run”.  Under Simmons management Sugar Daddy released the rap version “Another One Bites the Dust”.  Sugar Daddy and “DJ Run” began doing local shows, however  Sugar Daddy’s love of music was focused on the turntables, not the stage.

While spinning at  a prominent nightclub, Gotham’s New York, Sugar Daddy was approached by a young club owner who was looking for a disc jockey with a name and a following to play at a new nightclub, Bentley’s. Sugar Daddy accepted the gig and began breaking emerging R&B and hip hop acts from the tri-state area.   Several clubs considered rap music taboo but being reared in the Bronx during the origin of hip hop Woodley understood the music as an emerging culture and embraced it. Sugar Daddy quickly coined  Bentley’s the premiere club in New York for R&B and hip hop music”.

Reigning as one of New York’s premiere disc-jockeys Sugar Daddy was praised for being the first DJ to play & break several records including Run DMC’s “Rock Box”, Keith Sweat “I Want Her”, Guy “Groove Me”, Howard Johnson “So Fine” and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam “Take You Home”.

Another One Bites The Dust (Rap)                                7:25

Another One Bites The Dust (Instrumental)                    7:25



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