Warp 9 ‎– No Man Is An Island (Remix) (1984)

Warp 9, a science fiction themed electro-funk and hip hop trio, best known for their influential singles “Nunk,” “Light Years Away,” and “Beat Wave,” ranks among the most iconic groups of the electro hip hop era.  Described as the “perfect instance of hip hop’s contemporary ramifications,”  Warp 9 was the brainchild of writer-producers Lotti Golden and Richard Scher. The duo wrote and recorded under the moniker Warp 9, a production project at the forefront of the electro movement.

Warp 9 evolved from a studio concept into a band, as Golden and Scher added personnel to embody their vision of electro. Drummer Chuck Wansley and percussionist Boe Brown were invited to perform the male vocals and rhymes on first single “Nunk”, along with vocalist Ada Dyer who performed the vocals and rhymes on the second single, “Light Years Away.”  

Golden & Scher created the group’s sound using the Roland TR-808 drum machine as the basic rhythm track, building multiple layers of synth and keyboard textures. Rob Fitzpatrick, describes “Light Years Away” as “a cornerstone of early 80’s afrofuturism,” a stark and “brilliantly spare and sparse piece of electro hip-hop, LYA traversed inner and outer space, matching rolling congas with vocoder voices and the hiss and sizzle of cutting edge synth and drum machine technology.”

The final single released from Warp 9’s first album was “No Man Is An Island” which was written, produced and mixed by Golden and Scher with the 12″ single featuring a Morales & Munzibai dub version.

 No Man Is An Island (Remix)                             7:50

No Man Is An Island (Dub Version)                      7:30



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