R.J.’s Latest Arrival ‎– Off The Hook (1988)

R. J.’s Latest Arrival was an American R&B, dance, and soul music band from Detroit, Michigan, United States, who formed in the late 1970s and reached the peak of their popularity in the mid-1980s. They released their debut self-titled debut album in 1979. In 1984, they scored one of their first big hits with “Shackles,” featured on their Harmony album. Drummer Rudy “Famous” Maldonado left the band during The Shackles Tour in 1984, although he was featured in the video for the follow-up single, “Harmony.” The group scored their biggest hit single in 1988 with “Off The Hook (With Your Love).” They scored other moderate hits on the US Billboard R&B chart throughout the 1980s. The group later became more based in traditional R&B and soul music, but broke up in 1990.

“Off The Hook” had additional production and mixing by Robert Clivilles & David Cole for the 12″ versions.

Off The Hook (Club Vocal)                          6:22

Off The Hook (Club Edit)                            4:03

Off The Hook (Party-Line Dub)                    7:44

Off The Hook (Percappella)                        4:18




3 comments on “R.J.’s Latest Arrival ‎– Off The Hook (1988)

  1. Thank you for posting. I don’t/didn’t know this track. What a surprise!! I was a massive Clivilles & Cole fan back in the day and this track stands up to anything else they produced/remixed at the time – Seduction/Cover Girls/’Let the Beat Hit ‘Em’ etc. “Off The Hook” indeed! Thanks again E.V.

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