Trouble Funk ‎– Still Smokin’ (1985)

Trouble Funk is an American R&B and funk band from Washington, DC. It helped to popularize that area’s local funk subgenre known as go-go. Among the band’s well-known songs are the go-go anthem “Hey, Fellas.” They released several studio albums including Drop the Bomb, In Times of Trouble, Live, and Trouble Over Here, Trouble Over There (UK #54), and two live albums, Trouble Funk – Straight Up Go-Go Style and Saturday Night Live. In 1982, they released a single “So Early In The Morning” on D.E.T.T Records, later reissued on diverse labels as 2.13.61 & Tuff City. Trouble Funk sometimes shared the stage with hardcore punk bands of the day such as Minor Threat and the Big Boys.

Trouble Funk’s song “Pump Me Up” was sampled by many other artists, for example in Dimple D’s one-hit wonder “Sucker DJ,” which went to #1 in Australia. The song is also featured in the film Style Wars and on the fictional R&B radio station Wild Style in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

In 1986 Trouble Funk contributed to the soundtrack for Good to Go (also known as Short Fuse), the film was directed by Blaine Novak and starred Art Garfunkel as a Washington, D.C. journalist who struggles to clear his name after being framed for rape and murder. The film’s soundtrack is rooted in the regional genre of go-go music, including a title song by Trouble Funk. To this day, Good to Go enjoys a cult following among go-go fans.

Still Smokin’ (Hug A But) (Dance Mix)                      5:30

Still Smokin’ (The Beat Is Bad) (Dub Mix)                 5:31

Still Smokin’ (Instrumental)                                      5:40



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