Haywoode ‎– Roses (Extended US Remix) (1985)

Haywoode (Sidney Haywoode, London) is an English female singer. She is best known for the 1986 UK Top 20 hit single, “Roses”. She later also recorded under the name Sid Haywoode.

Her debut single, “A Time Like This”, reached the Top 5 in the US Hot Dance Club Play Chart, and established her distinctive brand of soulful funk/pop. Via a succession of singles – including a couple of tracks produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, “You’d Better Not Fool Around”, “I Can’t Let You Go” and “Getting Closer” later on covered by Kylie Minogue. In July 1986 with the song “Roses” she hits the top 20 in the UK music charts. Her debut album Arrival (released soon after “Roses”) included Haywoode’s cover version of Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover”.

Bert Bevans provided the US remix of “Roses” while Michael Barbiero mixed the Dub Version.

Roses (Extended US Remix)                  7:01

Tease Me (Extended Version)                 6:54

Roses (Dub Version)                              5:34



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