Janice Christie ‎– Heat Stroke (1986)

Janice Christie fronted female soul funk vocal trio “Wild Sugar” who released the single “Messin’ Around / Bring It Here” in 1981. Wild Sugar were Fatback’s backup singers and dancers and collaborated with the band throughout the 1980’s. Bill Curtis & Gerry Thomas of Fatback produced and co-wrote the track “Bring It Here” which was later sampled in the Beastie Boys hit “Brass Monkey.”

Janice began her solo career in 1984 with the release of the single “My Love Is Money”, this was followed by “One Love” (1985) and “Heat Stroke” (1986). The album “Heat Stroke” was released in 1987

The single “Heat Stroke” was written and produced by Peter Lord (The Family Stand) and the 12″ single featured remixes by Tony Humphries and Larry Levan.

Heat Stroke (Tony Humphries Club Mix)                  6:09

Heat Stroke (Larry Levan Garage Mix)                     5:30

Heat Stroke (Tony Humphries Dub Mix)                   5:20




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