Stephan Remmler ‎– I Don’t Go To USA (1987)

Stephan Remmler (born 25 October 1946) is one of three members of the German band Trio. He performed most of the vocals for the band’s songs. He was a member of the band alongside Gert Krawinkel, who played the guitar, and Peter Behrens, who played the drums.

After the split of Trio in 1986, Remmler continued his musical career as solo artist, releasing various singles and albums until 1996. His work contains Schlager and drinking songs as well. His biggest hits were Keine Sterne in Athen (1986, released in English as I Don’t Go to U.S.A. in 1987) and Alles hat ein Ende (nur die Wurst hat zwei) in 1987. His 1990s releases did tend more to rock music. Remmler left the music business in 1996 and took a ten-year break before his comeback in 2006.

I Don’t Go To USA” was mixed by Peter Hammond and remixed by Stock/Aitken/Waterman.

I Don’t Go To USA (Janet In Sankt Katrein)                                                6:28

Die Zeit Ohne Stimme (Instrumental)                                                         2:35

I Don’t Go To USA (7″ Version)                                                                 3:07

Keine Sterne In Athen (3-4-5 X In 1 Monat) (German Version)                      3:07


Listen !


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