Greetings fellow eighties music lovers, I have recently taught myself the art of converting vinyl to digital and wanted to share some of the results with other people who have been searching for some of these lost gems.

The main rule of the blog is that I will only post vinyl that I have personally ripped and will only post music unavailable on CD, if any of the artists or owners of these recordings objects to having their work posted, please advise me immediately and I will remove.

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  1. I’m having a WONDERFUL time checking out all of your rare 80’s 12″ mixes! Thanks very much!
    I’m searching high and low for a copy of the Lover Speaks album The Big Lie. Any ideas???

  2. Hello Friend, I congratulate you, i like and think this is a great blog and an excellent initiative Share these musical gems, greetings, and much success, and hopefully you can upload the complete 12″ of the single “Garner Cole – Live it Up” Greetings!

  3. First of all, your blog is amazing! I never imagine a blog that make this. Put a relics like that, great job.Man i don’t know if do you have this: Peeking Man – Room That Echoes (Round And Round) (Extended Mix), its from New Zeland or Australia, i don’t know, well i hope that you find somewhere because i can’t. Goodbye and keep going with this.

    • I do know the track, a massive New Zealand hit back in 1985 from Pat & Margaret Urlich. Looks like the 12″ remix was released in NZ, Netherlands and the UK. I was missing this one from my collection but have just ordered a nice mint copy of it from Germany so check back in a couple of weeks

  4. Oh WOW! I’m a major fan of DJ Paul T and DJ Richie P but have just stumbled upon your blog while googling for something…and then up came Corey Hart and Jellybean which led me to your blog. LOL! Hope I’m not too late to your party.
    Just spent the entire morning browsing through. I have a massive 12″ collection myself but have not done any ripping. Your posts have brought back so much nostalgia for me, and also some new discoveries that slipped my radar back then.
    I’m happy with your focus on godly remixers like Pettibone, Kervorkian, Jellybean, M+M and Thompson & Barbiero. People I grew up listening to as well.
    On the topic of music, I hope you can feature the 12″ for Shona Laing’s Glad I’m Not a Kennedy sometime. Have the 12″ myself and the CD single doesn’t have the 12″ version. Also, 12″ mixes from The Fan Club would be awesome too.
    Please keep up the good work! I know bloggers just don’t receive enough support and thanks, so I’m grateful for people like you and Paul and Richie who soldier on. Thank you!

    • I’m interested in the Shona Laing as the remix was done by Martin Rushent and I’m a big fan of his work with Altered Images and Human League, this is on my list to buy so you will see it here in the future. The Fan Club is a band that I should remember as I was living in NZ in the late 80’s but unfortunately cannot recall their hits at all, looks like their singles may have only been released in NZ and Malaysia. Thanks for reading the blog and leaving such kind comments, definitely more great 80’s tracks to be posted so please keep coming back.

  5. THANK YOU! so very much for the jean luc ponty remix, i have been looking for this version for a very long time.

  6. Finally worked out how to comment and thanks you for all the hard work and dedication that goes into this amazing blog. I am particularly a fan of Pettibone remixes and have found some gems on here I never had. I am collecting all Pettibone mixes and was wondering if you had any of the following : Aftershock – She Loves Me Not, CC:Diva – I’ll Always Follow You, Barbara Fowler – Knockin’ On Door, Louie Louie – Sittin’ In The Lap Of Luxury & Eddie Murphy – Till The Money’s Gone. I Can’t find them anywhere. Cheers, Joe

  7. Well, I have had a wonderful morning working my way through your posts. We have very similar tastes and there were a couple of tracks here that I had been wanting to hear for quite some time. So glad to have found you. Is there any chance that you could revisit your Jo Jo Zep – Losing Game post and include the instrumental B Side as I’ve recently only found that it existed? Cheers.

    • I am revisiting some of those early posts as many were done before I got my record cleaning machine so anything that didn’t sound perfect did not get posted. I will do a new rip of the full Jo Jo Zep 12″ next weekend. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you found the blog !

  8. such a great blog. i play a lot of less common tracks and dub mixes of 80s records when i DJ so this will be a lifeline. i found you via looking for a digital version of Eleanor’s ‘Adventure’ which i bought on vinyl when it was re-issued. so thanks for that, and the 50 other tracks i’ve downloaded.

    • The only 12″ single I have out of your requests is Guy’s ‘Spend The Night”, I have the US Promo which has 6 mixes including Teddy’s Rap, will try and get this posted up soon. The D’atra Hick 12″ sounds interesting and I will put that one on my list to buy.

  9. Did you ever get the Naked Eyes Everything & More CD? I may be able to help email me. Keep up the awesome posts I love the stuff I’ve never heard of.

  10. great site, please up some kon kan stuff. bee gees – you win again. wang chung don’t let go , vincy don’t get me wrong, well…..that all, thanks again bye bye

    • There is something wrong with the new improved Rapidshare, my account overview says that there is still 1gb of downloads available for today, I tried it with Explorer and it worked but would not work with Firefox. EV

  11. Hello, congratulation for this EXCELLENT Blog of Forget 80’s.
    Real teasaurus are on this Blog and it’s very nice.
    Continue again and again and again ….

    Would you well reup : René & Angela – I ll Be Good “please”

  12. I’m getting the following message.

    Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)

    Did I do something wrong?

    Anyways, thaks for sharing!

    • No, Rapidshare changed all user’s folders to private last night but of course did not send out any e-mails to it’s paying customers, files should be back in a few hours, please keep checking EV

  13. Hola, podrias ayudarme con los 12″ de: (be mine tonight), (easy to touch) y (and the beat goes on) del duo Promise Circle ?

  14. Not sure if you do any vinyl restoration but just began using an inexpensive program called ClickRepair that is pretty automated and easy to use. You can use it for 30 days full demo. Gets rid of most of all those little crackles too.

    • Definitely downloadable unless the owner/copyright holder wanted it removed. Click on Listen, download file from Rapidshare and then unzip using Winrar (free unzipping software), let me know if you’re still having problems. EV

  15. Hi,
    Fantastic uploads !
    But I just can’t download your great music from Rapidshare and I follow the instructions to the letter. It’s just not working… 😦
    Am I doing something wrong ?

  16. hi , congratulations for your blog is very fantastic,,please you can repair the link in rapidshare for was (not was) walk the dinosaur , the download is very slowly please!!! thanks man

  17. Hi eightiesvinyl –

    Wanted to thank you for this blog, I found it a few months ago and have been enjoying it almost daily since. I have many of these on 12″, but no way to listen or rip them – so what you’ve done is really invaluable. Plus there have been so many that I have never heard of, and I love that!

    I stumbled across the Sonya Grier ‘Love Flight 109’ 12″ (and am enjoying it with my coffee right now!) – you said if asked, you would convert the other 12″ – would you still be willing?

    Happy New Year and thanks again! U1G.

    • Absolutely, this was one of the first 12″ singles I ripped, before I even had the record cleaner so I would be keen to clean up the vinyl and rip this one again, it’s on the list so stay tuned. EV

  18. Love the recent Machination remixes posted. Thank you. I haven’t visited for a while, so was happy to see the three newest. Any chance of Cars and Planes still turning up? Love your great work. Thanks! 🙂

    • Cars and Planes will definitely still turn up, just upgraded the stylus on my turntable to the Ortofon 2M Blue so hoping it sounds a million times better than the first time I attempted this 12″, Thanks EV

  19. Thank you EV for the great rips
    did you rip these mixes by Apollo Smile
    Dune Buggy (Drivin’ Dub)
    Dune Buggy (Spiccolli’s House Mix)
    Dune Buggy (Bonus Beats)

      • Hi EV, I see this was your last post to any questions, back in July of last year?

        I love the site but probably over 50% of your links are now dead as they are on the rapidshare site which as we know is now dead.

        As many others have asked can you please re upload them to your new server so that the hard work you have done in finding these great tracks can carry on.

        Please I’m begging

        Kind Regards


  20. Awesome collection. I used to own many of these 12 inch singles but as soon as I got my CD player, I dumped all of my vinyl. What was I thinking??? Thank you for allowing me to correct past indiscretions.

  21. Hi, I was wondering if you have these 12″ singles Billy ocean suddenly with the b-side megamixes and billy crystal you look marvelous, if you do would you be able to upload them please. many thanks

  22. Hi! Great job! Congratulation for that effort, rip your collection to share it with us ! i’ve recently discover your blog,it’s a very very good choice of music! Could you please re-up some dead links? Bandolero, FYC she drives me crazy, figures on the beach : no stars and belle stars : world domination ( all the mixes) . Hope you’ll take some time to do that. TX. Eric.

  23. Hi could you please re-up Sheena Easton No Deposit No Return 12″. It’s the only one of the 4 12″: singles I need a rip of. Thank you so much. Love your blog! Also do you take donations?

  24. What a GREAT site. Thanks so much for all your hard work to bring us these wonderful vinyl releases. If possible could you please re-up Whitney Houston – I Belong To You? Many thanks in advance. 🙂

  25. Hi I’m loving your blog. Found some great stuff so far. I would really appreciate it if you could re-up some of the older posts where the links are dead. Especially the old Australian 12″‘s. If this is not possible are you able to send files via we transfer or something similar. Cheers from Oz.

  26. THANK YOU. For an amazing journey into my past after I discovered your blog! 🙂
    Was wondering if you still had the listening file for Sérgio Mendes ‎– Mas Que Nada (1989) that you posted in March 2014. The link new goes to a RapidShare repository that’s no longer available. Thanks if you have?? 🙂

  27. Congratulations for a job well done… Quick reminder though. Can you please repost all of your dead Rapidshare links? We’re missing out on all of them goodies… Keep up the pace and may the Lord bless you.

  28. Thank you for all of your hard work. I worked at a Camelot Music during the heyday of the music on your website. Fantastic job. I am looking for the 12 inch of Ashford and Simpson’s “Count Your Blessings”. I don’t have a turntable not do i know anyone who has one. So buying it at ebay wouldn’t help much.
    Thanks in advance

  29. Excellent stuff and a lot of time, effort & patience into this blog/site. Mis my Aussie bands, now in the U.S. Is there any way you can re-up all Mondo Rock & Models Stuff. Please. Hard to Find and who knows if there will be a release for their stuff?
    Thank You In Advance !!!!

  30. @ SimonP. That Malik always makes demands on websites, he is rude and needy. He wanted to trade with me on Discogs and I sent him stuff but after many promises to return the favour he didn’t, just sent me more demands. I had to block him in the end.The guy is the worse kind of leach.

  31. Sad to see this blog go quiet. I have grabbed quite a few tracks, and admittedly not all of them I have said thank you for. Hope things are ok in eightiesvinyl land. 🙂

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